Version 0.95

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Version 0.95
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  • First release.
Release Date
2004-02-03 (?)

Loading Screen

Image of Loading Screen has changed.

This version of DOTA was created by compiling all the good heroes from other versions of DOTA. (including, tft dota 3.9-7.0, darkness falls dota, tx dota and dx dota).
*- Please delete any copies older than v0.95 as they have some bugs in them.
*- Fixed More bugs.
*- Please look in the quest menu for details on fixes and improvements.
*- Lag in the beginning due to tavern hero selection, meathead.
*- Moved a tree

Startup Notes

Welcome to DOTA Allstars
This map has been edited by Ragn0r and Meian to add new hero's/spells.
*Hero buy back now available.
*Random hero selection method now available type "-random" to activate.
*When a player leaves all his gold is split among the remaining players.
*Check Quest menu for more details
This map was play tested by MasterCow

Quest Notes

The triggers are based off of DOTA 2.9 but new Heroes/spells/creeps have been added by Ragnor.
*rewrote most of the triggers.
*fixed lvl13 sentinel death bug.
*existing heros have been reworked.
*new heroes added.
*all spells have working hot keys as well as working tooltips
*some item prices have been changed.
*a few new items have been added.
*shops will now buy back at half price
*the shadow plate has been tweaked to make it worth buying
*the Morbazan quest has been changed, now when you complete the quest you can become a good hero instead of Morbazan.
*when your teammates leave all remaining players on your team get any gold the player had when they left split among them.
*Hero buy back now available.
*Random hero section type "-random" to activate.
*death timmers have been added.
*fixed share control for yellow and light blue
*fixed yellow's death timer.
*fixed giant growth bug.
*fixed bats frost nova.
*too many fixes to remember.

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