Version 0.90

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Version 0.90
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Release Date

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This version of DOTA was created by compiling all the good heroes from other versions of DOTA. (including, tft dota 3.9-7.0, darkness falls dota, tx dota and dx dota).

- This version was an effort to help balance the play level for under skilled players, in the past under skilled players would take the worst heroes on the map get owned and say it was unbalanced.  That is not possible with this version, all the heroes are good, if you are getting your @ss kicked it may be because it's a bad hero match-up or a difference in skill between you and your opponent.

Startup Notes

Welcome to DOTA Allstars
This map has been edited by Ragn0r and Meian to add new hero's/spells.
*Removed all the bad heroes.
*Added heroes from other versions.
*Fixed LVL13 Sentinel Death.
*Hero buy back now available.
*Random hero selection method now available type "-random" to activate.
*When a player leaves all his gold is split among the remaining players.
*Check Quest menu for more details
This map was play tested by MasterCow

Quest Notes

The triggers are based off of DOTA 2.9 but new Heroes/spells/creeps have been added by Ragnor.
*fixed lvl13 sentinel death bug.
*existing heroes have been reworked.
*new heroes added.
*all spells have working hot keys as well as working tooltips
*some item prices have been changed.
*a few new items have been added.
*shops will now buy back at half price
*the shadow plate has been tweaked to make it worth buying
*the Morbazan quest has been changed, now when you complete the quest you can become a good hero instead of Morbazan.
*when your teammates leave all remaining players on your team get any gold the player had when they left split among them.
*Hero buy back now available
*Random hero section type "-random" to activate