Version 0.60

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Version 0.60
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  • First release.
Release Date
  Version 0.90

Loading Screen

This version of DOTA was created by compiling all the good heroes from other versions of DOTA. (including, tft dota 3.9-7.0, darkness falls dota, tx dota and dx dota).

- This version was an effort to help balance the play level for under skilled players, in the past under skilled players would take the worst heroes on the map get owned and say it was unbalanced.  That is not possible with this version, all the heroes are good, if you are getting your @ss kicked it may be because it's a bad hero match-up or a difference in skill between you and your opponent.

Startup Notes

*Removed all the bad heroes.
*Added heroes from other versions.
*Fixed LVL13 Sentinel Death

Quest Notes

The triggers are based off of DOTA 2.9 but new Heroes/spells/creeps have been added by Ragnor.
  • Hidden hero: Long Dong Silver, Peon Porn Star.
    • To activate this hero:
  1. Buy Null chain, Oblivion staff and Void stone
  2. Find NPC Peon Porn Star, he is at the center of the map
  3. Meet him 3 times, until he accepts the 3 items
  • Then, the NPC will become a controllable hero, spawning at the bottom of the river.
  • Hidden Command: -creeps
    • Show where the neutral creeps' camps are located.
      There are 10 missing neutral camps.
      4 missing in the radiant/sentinel primary jungle.
      4 missing in the dire/scourge primary jungle.
      1 missing in the radiant/sentinel safe lane, near the bottom radiant/sentinel base entrance.
      1 missing in the dire/scourge off lane, near the bottom lane dire/scourge base entrance.

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