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Hi, How can I test whether the spell that grants invulnerability actually have disjointing property? The duration of invulnerability is too long to test, such as 6seconds(Brewmaster - Storm - Cyclone) 2.5seconds(Shadow Demon - Disruption).

Projectile needs to be flying in air for that long amount of time, right? You may have a nice idea for this. have a good evening. Saspoon (talk) 17:08, 1 March 2014 (UTC)

Hi! Yeah, you will need to extend the travel time. The best way I have found is to use -wtf and a force staff. Start a custom lobby with cheats enabled, type in -wtf and -item item_force_staff, go to one end of the map and force yourself over to the other. Gives about 5 s buffer to test stuff.
Cyclone lasting 6 s is a problem, but you can cancel the spell by using his other ability "Dispel Magic" which is an aoe dispel. Here's a video I made demonstrating this:
Hope that helps :) --Artorp (talk) 19:40, 1 March 2014 (UTC)
Oh I see. it works!. helps alot . Can you tell me how to record Dota 2 movie and upload it? plz? I tested spells and i want to make youtube clip thank you! Saspoon (talk) 01:39, 2 March 2014 (UTC)
Glad to help!
Creating and editing videos are a whole topic on its own. You will want to record the footage somehow, popular programs are Fraps, Bandicam and Open Broadcaster Software. I use DXtory myself but it needs a license. (I use -nod3d9ex in my launch options, maybe needed to record). Then you need to edit and compress the raw footage for upload, any video editor will do but for compressing VirtualDub or Handbrake does the job. --Artorp (talk) 03:05, 2 March 2014 (UTC)