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I make Dota 2 Wiki work good.

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<nowiki>{{#if:{{{a|}}}{{{b|}}}|stuff|other stuff}}</nowiki>

This is an Or statement, right? Is there a way to make an And statement like that?

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You can nest #if to make AND statements

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Could you update Module:Show to work with the new abilities_aghstrait table?

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Just adding a small note: Please have a look at abilities_shardtrait table as well. Thank you!

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I'll get to this this weekend

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Hi Sanhard, the ability wrapper seems to be not working for hidden abilities. I'm not sure where I should start looking at. Thank you.

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Pushed a fix for this. Still TODO is support transcluded abilities in the Unit infobox (like Invisibility|Invisibility)

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Thank you for your hard work!

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Fixed my Venomancer mistakes, sorry about that! Also, do you know how to add "cooldown shard tal" in the same way that we have "cooldown aghs tal"? Working on Tidehunter's Anchor Smash and using a somewhat inelegant workaround to display its cooldown right now.

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Can you help me out with the ability infobox, adding Aghanim's Shard? I don't know if cargo can handle so many things..

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Do you have some specific pages with issue? Or just in general?

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The typical issue of too many queries.

This doesn't work. Can we split that even further, like Template:Ability/traits for default and talent, and Template:Ability/aghstraits for aghs and shard?

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As long as the bottleneck is table size (which I suspect it is), and not number of total queries, we should be good to split out the traits and aghstraits as described.

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Yep seems to work fine.

One question though. How to fix this?

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You forgot to finish the join statement. It's fixed now.

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