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My main points of interest are templates and semantic media wiki. Don't bother me with design decisions, because I cannot be trusted in these regards. Get the feedback from other editors and tell me what to do. I will listen unless it breaks with my coding standards.

I turn on my automated processing BOT when the work gets too tiresome and repetitive. I feed him with your tasks if you leave me a detailed request.

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Avatar for Medok - can you take a look at this wall of errors? I just does everything you did recently, and recreated+null edit+purged pages.

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I guess you did rebuild ability_traits and ability_buffs, but forgot to switch them with the current ones. I did it now. It can be managed here: ru:Служебная:CargoTables

Log is here ru:Служебная:Журналы/cargo

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The talents sections of heroes also bugged. Both the hero page and talent page store talents. I suggest using Template:Talents wrapper on hero page. But I don't know which templates querying talents.

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So the better way is replace {:Lina/Talents} with {Talents wrapper| hero = Lina} like Lina/Guide#Talents.

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I agree. Just go full yolo. Furthermore I replaced {BASEPAGENAME} by {hero} on Template:Talents, custom games have Dota IMBA as base page name.

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Maybe I'll manage to start a bot script to fix the pages like i did with Lina, Bloodseeker, Ancient Apparition and Abaddon already.

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<code>{{Talents wrapper|hero={{subst:BASEPAGENAME}}}}</code> <code> | hero = {{subst:BASEPAGENAME}}</code>

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Yeah, I managed to do it with those two:

(r"\{\{\:(.*?)\/Talents\}\}", r"{{Talents wrapper|hero=\1}}"),
(r"\{\{Talents\n\|\ t4left", r"{{Talents\n| hero = {{subst:BASEPAGENAME}}\n| t4left"),

I got rusty.

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Hey, not sure if you're still around but we need help with a thing:

Template:Ability wrapper is ignoring the | game = parameter and displaying stuff from both Dota 2 and Dota IMBA. Example:

The Mana Break ability on the Necronomicon page is pulling info from Dota_IMBA/Anti-Mage's Mana Break. Compare to the Necronomicon Warrior page, which is fine.

Not urgent, but I dunno how to fix. Thanks.

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so what do we do? should i bug the gamepedia people?

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Not necessary, I found the bug already. The left join was done just over the ability title, rather than the pagename AND title. But conditional joins do not work with cargo. So I created a ability UID.

Never thought that this one SQL lecture will be helpful some day...

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Most pages need to be resaved it there's errors now :/ sorry

Edit: The conducted fix has an equivalent of 3 cannon balls

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<tt> touch -transcludes:"Ability"</tt>

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Thanks so much, I assume errors will clear up after resaving + cache

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