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Background Information
Name:Игнат Озёрин
Romanized name:Ignat Ozerin
Country:Russia Russia
Role:Support, Offlaner
Signature heroes:Shadow Shaman icon.png Dazzle icon.png Lina icon.png Crystal Maiden icon.png Enigma icon.png Dark Seer icon.png
Dota 2:
2013-??-?? — ????-??-??

Ignat "Yomi-Yumi Ozerin (Russian: Игнат Озёрин) is a Russian Dota 2 player.

Professional Career[edit]

Yomi-Yumi's Dota 2 career started in team Tempus Flendi. In ProArena, Tempus Flendi advanced to the quarter-finals. After this, the team participated and won many amateur tournaments.