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Reason Gaming
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Team Information
Manager(s):United Kingdom Ben Dalloway
Sponsor(s):Razer, RocketFuel, VeryGames, Gamersuniform, Webvert
Prizemoney:$0 USD

Reason Gaming is an e-Sports organization based in London, United Kingdom.


After the dissolution of their Heroes of Newerth team, Reason Gaming picked up the former GamersLeague squad consisting of some notable Swedish players such as former team captain of Mousesports and GamersLeague, Kim 'Drayich' Larsson and Tim 'Xoynoznu' Johanssen. The reason for the change of sponsors for the Swedish team is because of the history of their player Daniel 'giftig' Ivarrsson, who has played for Reason Gaming in their Counter Strike Source and Heroes of Newerth squad.


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Current Roster[edit]

  • Sweden Daniel "giftig" Ivarrsson
  • Sweden Kim "Drayich" Larsson
  • Sweden Jonas "hyddae" Hinders
  • Sweden Erik "Away" Nordlander
  • Sweden Tim "Xoynoznu" Johanssen