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Background Information
Name:Ralp Jason Mendoza
Birthdate:1996-07-31 (age 24)
Country:Philippines Philippines
Team:Spacecow on a Spaceship Spacecow on a Spaceship
Role:Support, Offlane
Alternate IDs:Mndz, RTlockin
Signature heroes:Clockwerk icon.png Enigma icon.png Chen icon.png
2015-01-05 — 2015-06-23
2015-06-23 — Present

Ralp Jason "Dayum" Mendoza is a Filipino player from Laguna, Philippines. Rj is currently the support player for Spacecow on a Spaceship Spacecow on a Spaceship.

Amateur Career[edit]


Started with a team of highschool classmates, together with Ryan, Bj, and Christian. The team looked for a fifth member which turned out to be Niechael. Together they dominate pub games. And soon they recruited potential members of the squad, mostly friends of them.

Spacecow on a Spaceship[edit]

The rebirth of HomiesGaming, after a disappointing finish at MPGL season 7 online tournament. The team decided to take a fresh start with a new name. HomiesGaming is currently composed of Homies Guild members Aj and Iggy(his Brother).