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Background Information
Name:Ľubor Budaj
Birthdate:1998-11-25 (age 21)
Country:Slovak Republic Slovak Republic
Role:Midlaner, Carry
Signature heroes:Queen of Pain icon.png Anti-Mage icon.png Nyx Assassin icon.png
 None (now he is too good for any)

Ľubor "Luboroo" Budaj (also known as Luboroo77k55, boyka and wesleynesley) is a young Dota 2 mastermind known for his advanced tactics, infallible playstyle and powerful raucous voice. Before Dota 2, Luboroo played many games, including Assassins Creed and Portal series. When he mastered these games, he decided to develop his mastership in another game - Defense of the Ancients 2. He currently plays with no clan, because he is far better than anybody in Slovakia/Czech Republic (and that is not an irrational flattery, that's what the numbers say). However, if you consider yourself tough enough to meet Luboroo's heavenly high standards, you are free to write him through any of the links in the Contact section.

Personal info[edit]

In addition to Dota, Luboroo is also known for (not as much as for Dota, though) his Portal 2 maps, Luboroo_Hard_1 and Luboroo 2. His favourite music style was power metal and his fancied band was Sabaton, but now he listens to the music mainly through Spotify. He also tries to create his own music; so far he has recorded song Slanina (Slovak word for bacon) with the stoned rapper Mario Fiz. He is also notorious in Slovakia for his criminal minimovie, Detektív Ľubor.


Luboroo's former Facebook profile picture.

Luboroo's current malicious Facebook profile picture, which confuses users into a conviction that there is a fly on their screen.


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