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Infinity Championship
Location Online
Prize Pool TBA
Teams 16
Start date TBA
End date TBA
Links Website

Participating Teams[edit]

A list of participating teams will be announced after the qualifiers have been taken place.

Qualifiers (10)


  • none


Blank portrait.png
Origin: United States United States
Language: United States English
Web page
TriumphOfMan portrait.png
David Rutter
Origin: Australia Australia
Language: Australia English
Web page
Sheever portrait.png
Jorien van der Heijden
Origin: Netherlands Netherlands
Language: Netherlands English
Web page
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Yuriy Proshin
Origin: Russia Russia
Language: Russia English



  - 64 Single Elimination
  - Tournament will be held on european servers on April 1st, 2012.
  - Check-in will start at 16:00CET and the tournament will start one hour after that.
  - Join the irc channel on either or prefered irc-client
  - Join with username, teamtag is not necessary but preferable.
  - Players must contact any of the admins to confirm their team.
  - Bracket will be displayed on the external URL from tournament information on
  - Players must contact their opposing team and arrange a host - Quarter-finals and onward or any matches Infinity want to stream will be hosted by an admin.
  - Winners will report results and take a screenshot.
  - If a game's results are disputed, tournament admins will check screenshots and determine who advances.
  - Bo1 until Semi-finals.
  - Bo3 onwards.

Infinity Rules[edit]

  - Any violation of Infinity Qualifiers rules may result in game forfeit and future suspension from Infinity Qualifiers and other Infinity or LetsScrim events.
  - Any cheating will result in suspension.
  - Players may not have stream open in the background when playing.
  - When both teams have completed their previous games said teams will have fifteen minutes to enter the game lobby or the game will be forfite after an admins consideration.
  - Admins may disqualify teams that delay the Infinity Qualifier due to scheduling conflicts.
  - Admins may warn and disqualify players for chat violations, including excessive or abusive insults toward players, observers, or referees.

Qualifier Rules[edit]

  - There will be twelve teams advancing to the Infinity League Season #1.
  - The winner of each qualifier will advance ILS #1.
  - The other two spots will be filled by the two teams with the highest score after the qualifiers are over.
  - The points from each qualifier will vary depending on amount of teams in the Qualifier
  - [Point System]
  * RO64: 100
  * RO32: 300
  * RO16: 500
  * Fifth Place: 700
  * Fourth Place: 800
  * Third Place: 900
  * Second Place: 1000

Game Rules[edit]

  - Admins reserve the right to overturn results or award wins based on evidence they see.
  - The winner is declared by the victory banner. A screenshot of the victory banner is required if the win becomes contested.
  - If there is persisten unplayable lag, players must contact a admin who will decide how to proceed.
  - Only one member is required to contact any admin.
  - Stand-ins are allowed if reported atleast fifteen minutes before match.
  - Stand-ins are required to register and join the team.
  - Each team got five minutes pause time, this rule can be overruled by any admin.
  - Players are not allowed to resume the game before both teams are ready.
  * Password: 'Host choose password'
  * Game Mode: Captains Mode
  * Server Location: Europe
  * Bots: No
  * Cheats: No
  * Spectators: Yes
  * Version: Tournament

Observer Rules[edit]

  - Broadcasters or unassigned players are not allowed - unless they are designates by Infinity admins.
  - If a game is played with unofficial broadcasters/unassigned players, game does not count.
  - Infinity will designate approved observers/broadcasters who will be allowed to observe and broadcast games.
  - Admins are also allowed to be in game.
  - If you would like to be an official observer/broadcaster/referee for Infinity, please apply by contacting 
  The more information provide about yourself and casting/gaming experience, the better.