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Alchemist icon.png “Cocktail time!”

Ancient Apparition icon.png “Feel the chill!”

Anti-Mage icon.png “I bring an end to magic.”

Axe icon.png “Come to Axe!”

Batrider icon.png “Here I come, baby!”

Beastmaster icon.png “Claws out!”

Bloodseeker icon.png “I thirst!”

Bounty Hunter icon.png “I'll take the job.”

Broodmother icon.png “I'll drink you dry.”

Chen icon.png “Repent!”

Clockwerk icon.png “Death in a can.”

Crystal Maiden icon.png “Frostfire take you!”

Dark Seer icon.png “I need no weapon.”

Dazzle icon.png “Darklight!”

Death Prophet icon.png “You brought me back?”

Doom icon.png “Damnation rises!”

Dragon Knight icon.png “The world shall end in fire.”

Drow Ranger icon.png “Silent as mist…”

Earthshaker icon.png “Quake and crack!”

Enchantress icon.png “Sproink!”

Enigma icon.png “Reality is illusion.”

Faceless Void icon.png “Like insects in amber.”

Huskar icon.png “With all my heart.”

Invoker icon.png “This bores me.”

Jakiro icon.png “The freezing flame.”

Juggernaut icon.png “You should be honored.”

Kunkka icon.png “Admiral of the fleet.”

Leshrac icon.png “Sweet ablution.”

Lich icon.png “My soul is black with frostbite.”

Lifestealer icon.png “As the master requires.”

Lina icon.png “Wanna play with fire?”

Lion icon.png “To Hell and back.”

Mirana icon.png “Tonight, we ride.”

Morphling icon.png “Beware the riptide.”

Nature's Prophet icon.png “By my shaggy bark.”

Necrophos icon.png “Comes the Dark Rot.”

Night Stalker icon.png “It's feeding time.”

Omniknight icon.png “I stand for the light.”

Puck icon.png “Ah, gambits and exploits await.”

Pudge icon.png “Clear the chopping block!”

Pugna icon.png “Life exits through the eyes.”

Queen of Pain icon.png “The ecstasy of agony.”

Razor icon.png “I bring the spark of death.”

Riki icon.png “Quiet as cat's feet.”

Sand King icon.png “All flesh is sand.”

Shadow Fiend icon.png “Souls!”

Shadow Shaman icon.png “Shades guide me.”

Silencer icon.png “Silence is virtue.”

Skeleton King icon.png “Death has no grip on me!”

Slardar icon.png “Guardian of the deeps.”

Sniper icon.png “Bullseye!”

Spectre icon.png “What is this place?”

Spirit Breaker icon.png “I run rampant.”

Storm Spirit icon.png “I ride the wild winds!”

Sven icon.png “I claim the right!”

Tidehunter icon.png “I could eat a plesiosaur.”

Tinker icon.png “Science! In Action!”

Tiny icon.png “My stones gather.”

Ursa icon.png “The world is safer now.”

Vengeful Spirit icon.png “I am Vengeance!”

Venomancer icon.png “Sweet toxin!”

Viper icon.png “On leathern wings.”

Warlock icon.png “Let chaos reign!”

Weaver icon.png “I weave your fate!”

Windranger icon.png “My quiver is full.”

Witch Doctor icon.png “On my rounds!”

Zeus icon.png “Your god has arrived.”

Bane icon.png “Bane of your existence.”

Clinkz icon.png “Flesh is but a garment.”

Lycan icon.png “Careful now, I bite.”

Outworld Devourer icon.png “I bring bad news”

Shadow Demon icon.png “Hear and heed.”

Lone Druid icon.png “Hibernation ends!”

Brewmaster icon.png “I'll drink to that.”

Phantom Lancer icon.png “For home. For peace.”

Treant Protector icon.png “All in good time.”

Ogre Magi icon.png “Yup.”

Gyrocopter icon.png “Fox two!”

Phantom Assassin icon.png “Marked for death!”

Chaos Knight icon.png “Chaos rides.”

Rubick icon.png “My turn now!”

Luna icon.png “Crescent steel!”

Io icon.png “∿〰∿〰∿〰∿”

Undying icon.png “The sleepless wake.”

Disruptor icon.png “Beware the clouds.”

Templar Assassin icon.png “In defense of the Temple.”

Naga Siren icon.png “No Slithereen may fail.”

Visage icon.png “Do not fear death.”

Nyx Assassin icon.png “Nyx guides me.”

Keeper of the Light icon.png “Tis a blinding brilliance.”

Meepo icon.png “Gotta grave for ya!”

Magnus icon.png “Behold the horn!”

Centaur Warrunner icon.png “A dull blade, but heavy.”

Slark icon.png “Dark Reef Rising!”

Timbersaw icon.png “I'm Rizzrack.
Don't touch me.”

Medusa icon.png “Power is beauty.”

Troll Warlord icon.png “There are no innocents.”

Tusk icon.png “Time to punch things up!”

Bristleback icon.png “Oh, me back needs a scratch.”

Skywrath Mage icon.png “All I do, I do in Her name.”

Elder Titan icon.png “I was the hammer at the Founding.”

Abaddon icon.png “Your weapons betray you.”

Ember Spirit icon.png “”

Techies icon.png “”

Legion Commander icon.png “”

Phoenix icon.png “”

Underlord icon.png “”

Terrorblade icon.png “”