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Background Information
Name:Lorenz Kobe Managbanag
Birthdate:1999-07-16 (age 21)
Country:Philippines Philippines
Role:Carry, Semi-Carry, Solo-Mid, Support, Offlane
Alternate IDs:Wew, ImTheOneYouNeed, w3w
Signature heroes:Shadow Fiend icon.png Lifestealer icon.png Phantom Assassin icon.png Tinker icon.png Queen of Pain icon.png Sven icon.png Alchemist icon.png Templar Assassin icon.png Tidehunter icon.png Enigma icon.png
Dota 2:
Philippines 2013 — 2014
Philippines 2014-Present
Philippines 2015
Philippines 2015-Present

Lorenz Kobe "Kobz" Managbanag is an active Dota 2 player.


From Mati City, Davao Oriental, Philippines

Dota 1[edit]

Started to play with friends at the age of 11.

Dota 2[edit]

Started to play Dota 2 at the age of 14.


He likes to goof around even when losing because of his statement that says "Even when i loose today, i know its my mistake or my co-players so i'll train more and study their moves and strategies. Never let your pride consume you. You just accept it and let it go. You just need to get better 'cause there are a lot of people that are better than you. There's still next time to prove/correct those mistakes 'cause we make a lot of mistakes in our life which makes us a better person"

Dota 2 Matches[edit]

Dota 1 Matches[edit]

N/A (Not Recorded so far)


Chelle2 <3


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