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Ursa icon.png
Strength attribute symbol.png
Agility attribute symbol.png
Intelligence attribute symbol.png
24 + 2.6
18 + 2.4
16 + 1.5
Level 0 1 15 25 30
Health 200 680 1400 1920 2180
Health regen 0.5 2.9 6.54 9.14 10.44
Mana 75 267 519 699 783
Mana regen 0 0.8 1.85 2.6 2.98
Armor 1 4 9.6 13.6 15.6
Att/sec 0.59 0.69 0.89 1.03 1.1
Damage 24‒28 42‒46 75‒79 99‒103 111‒115
Magic resistance 25%
▶️ Movement speed 310
▶️ Attack speed 100
Turn rate 0.5
Vision range 1800/800
Attack range 150
Projectile speed Instant
Attack animation 0.3+0.3
Base attack time 1.7
Damage block 8
Collision size 24
Gib type Default

Ulfsaar, the Ursa Warrior (or simply Ursa), is a melee agility hero whose abilities' main focus is the increase of attack damage, allowing for some of the most impressive sustained damage in the entire game.

He specializes in increasing damage against one target. His abilities allow him to attack with almost maximum speed and gain bonus damage with each consecutive hit on a single target. With the abilities Overpower and Fury Swipes, Ursa can often savage beefy targets for as much as 700 damage per hit. He is a ferocious jungler and straightforward attacker, able to solo even Roshan at low levels if he has lifesteal. Ursa is a carry who can snowball if he is farmed, but the array of anti-melee abilities existing even by the early game and his lack of any counterspells may cripple his potential, especially as strong nukers and heroes with the ability to evade him make him a hero reliant on spellcasters on his team. Although an agility hero, Ursa's base strength and strength gain make him very durable.


Ursa minimap icon.pngUlfsaar, the Ursa Warrior
▶️ "It is my spirit that keeps me safe, and not mere armor."
Ulfsaar the warrior is the fiercest member of an ursine tribe, protective of his land and his people. During the long winters, while the mothers sleep and nurse their cubs, the males patrol the lands above—as tireless, vigilant defenders of their ancient ways. Hearing dim but growing rumors of a spreading evil, Ulfsaar headed out beyond the boundaries of his wild wooded homeland, intending to track down and destroy the threat at its source, before it could endanger his people. He is a proud creature with a bright strong spirit, utterly trustworthy, a staunch ally and defender.


Earthshock icon.png
No Target
Ursa leaps forward 250 units and slams the earth, causing a powerful shock to damage and slow all enemy units in a nearby area for 4 seconds.
Cast Animation: 0+0
Radius: 385 (Talent 865)
Leap Distance: 250
Damage: 75/125/175/225
Move Speed Slow: 10%/20%/30%/40%
Slow Duration: 4
Leap Duration: 0.25
Cooldown: 11/10/9/8 (With talent: 8/7/6/5)
Mana: 85
Does not pierce spell immunity. Slow persists if debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled.
Cannot be cast while rooted or leashed. The leap instantly ends when getting rooted. When cast while already rooted, results in an instant Earthshock at the current location.
Buff modifier_ursa_earthshock_move: Dispellable with death only.
Debuff modifier_ursa_earthshock: Dispellable with any dispel.
The very steps of a male ursine shake the ground as well as the resolve of opposing warriors.


  • Earthshock interrupts Ursa's channeling spells upon cast.
  • Ursa jumps 250 range forwards when cast, 83 range high. While in the air, other units can pass below him.
  • Leaps at a speed of 1000 for up to 0.25 seconds.
  • Can leap over other units and over impassable terrain.
  • During leap, Ursa can attack, cast spells, use items, and turn.
  • Earthshock is applied upon losing the leap buff. This means if the leap gets interrupted (even by death), Earthshock is applied at Ursa's current location.
  • Earthshock first applies the debuff, then the damage.

Overpower icon.png
No Target
Using his skill in combat, Ursa gains increased attack speed for a number of subsequent attacks.
Cast Animation: 0.3+0
Attack Speed Bonus: 400
Number of Attacks: 3/4/5/6 (Talent 6/7/8/9)
Duration: 20
Cooldown: 15/13/11/9
Mana: 40/50/60/70
Buff modifier_ursa_overpower: Dispellable with any dispel.
For a behemoth of his size, Ursa is deceptively nimble.


  • Does not guarantee full attack speed. The provided attack speed can be negated by strong attack speed slows.
  • An attack charge is lost whenever an attack is executed, regardless of outcome. This means missed attacks use up charges as well.
  • The number of charges left is visible on the buff icon.
  • Successive casts do not stack, but refresh the whole amount of charges instead.

Fury Swipes
Cannot be used by illusions. Disabled by Break. Pierces spell immunity.
Fury Swipes icon.png
Ursa's claws dig deeper wounds in the enemy, causing consecutive attacks to the same enemy to deal more damage. If the same target is not attacked after 8/12/16/20 seconds, the bonus damage is lost.
Attack Damage Bonus per Stack: 9/18/27/36 (Talent 21/30/39/48)
Debuff Duration: 8/12/16/20 (Talent 28/32/36/40)
Debuff Duration on Roshan: 10
Disabled by Break. Prevents gaining new stacks. Already existing stacks still provide bonus attack damage.
Buff modifier_ursa_fury_swipes: Undispellable. Persists death.
Debuff modifier_ursa_fury_swipes_damage_increase: Dispellable with death only.
In nature, the wounded rarely survive the attacks of hungry predators.


  • On each attack Fury Swipes first adds 1 stack and then deals damage based on the stack count.
    • This means that the bonus damage is applied even with the first attack.
  • The bonus damage is dealt in one instance together with the attack damage, and counts as attack damage as well.
    • It can be lifestealed off of and cleave, but it is not considered by crit.
    • It is also not affected by percentage-based attack damage bonuses or reductions, but can be reduced with flat reductions.
  • Each successful attack refreshes the whole stack. Missed attacks neither place the buff, nor add a stack or refresh it.
  • The number of stacks is visible on the debuff icon placed on attacked units.
  • Does not work against buildings, wards and allied units when attacking them.
  • The stack duration increasing talent does not increase the duration against Roshan icon.png Roshan.

Enrage icon.png
No Target
Ursa goes into a frenzy, providing damage reduction and status resistance. Removes any existing debuffs.
Cast Animation: 0+0
Incoming Damage Reduction: 80%
Status Resistance Bonus: 50%
Duration: 4/4.5/5
Cooldown: 70/50/30 (With Aghanim's: 30/24/18)
Aghanim's upgrade: Reduces cooldown and allows Ursa to use Enrage while disabled.
Buff modifier_ursa_enrage: Dispellable with death only.
Ulfsaar succumbs to his ancient spirit, becoming the most ferocious creature on the battlefield.


  • Enrage interrupts Ursa's channeling spells upon cast.
  • The status resistance stacks multiplicatively with other sources of status resistance.
  • Causes Ursa's model to glow red and increases its size by 20% (this has no impact on its collision size).


Hero Talents
+3 Overpower Attacks25+480 AoE Earthshock
+12 Fury Swipes Damage20-3s Earthshock Cooldown
+300 Health15+12 Agility attribute symbol.png Agility
+1.5 Mana Regen10+20s Fury Swipes Reset Time
  • The health talent increases maximum health capacity, and keeps the current health percentage.

Recent Changes[edit]

Main Article: Ursa/Changelogs
  • Reduced Overpower mana cost from 55/60/65/70 to 40/50/60/70.
  • Talents:
Level 10 left talent changed: +175 health -> 1.5 mana regen.
Level 15 left talent changed: +2 mana regen -> +300 health.
  • Earthshock
    • Reduced movement speed slow from 10%/25%/40%/55% to 10%/20%/30%/40%.
    • Increased cooldown from 9/8/7/6 to 11/10/9/8.
  • Increased Enrage cooldown from 50/40/30 to 70/50/30.
  • Talents:
Level 20 right talent changed: +1.2s Enrage duration -> -3s Earthshock cooldown.
  • Reduced Strength attribute symbol.png strength gain from 2.8 to 2.6.
  • Talents:
Level 10 left talent changed: +6 Strength attribute symbol.png strength -> +175 health.
Level 10 right talent changed: +1.5 mana regen -> +20 Fury Swipes stack duration.
Level 15 left talent changed: +20 Fury Swipes stack duration -> +2 mana regen.
Level 20 left talent: +13 Fury Swipes damage per stack reduced to +12.

Recommended items[edit]

Starting items:

  • Tango icon.png Tango provides health regeneration in lane.
  • Iron Branch icon.png Iron Branches can be used to make a Magic Wand and provide cheap, efficient attributes for the early game.

Early game:

  • Boots of Speed icon.png Boots of Speed are essential for most heroes but particularly Ursa as it allows him to chase down enemies to get into Earthshock range, as well as reducing down-time while jungling.
  • Magic Stick icon.png Magic Stick combines with earlier Iron Branch icon.png Iron Branches to make a Magic Wand icon.png Magic Wand.
  • Wind Lace icon.png Wind Lace if the enemy laner has more movement speed than Ursa, this gives him enough movement speed to continue chasing them down.
  • Morbid Mask icon.png Morbid Mask naturally synergizes well with Ursa's high physical damage, greatly increasing his staying power on the map. It also gives him a tool to take on Roshan.

Mid game:

  • Phase Boots icon.png Phase Boots provide Ursa with additional chasing power, as well as attack damage to bolster his already high damage output.
  • Magic Wand icon.png Magic Wand may be useful to supplement Ursa's poor mana pool and save him from bad situations.
  • Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger is used for picking off heroes or initiating fights as it gives Ursa the option to pounce on an enemy hero with Earthshock and rapidly kill them.
  • Black King Bar icon.png Black King Bar protects Ursa against disables, so he can keep hitting the enemies at close range.

Late game:

  • Abyssal Blade icon.png Abyssal Blade's stun is useful for locking down slippery carries. The bash also synergizes well with Overpower as it gives Ursa high attack speed for more chance to proc.

Situational items:

  • Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter allows Ursa not only to use Enrage more often, but also to use it when he is disabled, very useful against repetitive stuns, though it cannot be cast during Duel or when silenced.
  • Vladmir's Offering icon.png Vladmir's Offering or other sources of lifesteal are key to Ursa's success and his workings as a hero. Lifesteal allows him to take Roshan with ease and keep his current health high. Also lifesteal work with Fury Swipes, so Ursa can devastate any enemy by leeching a lot of health when some Fury Swipes are already placed.
  • Heart of Tarrasque icon.png Heart of Tarrasque is the best health item for slot-efficiency, providing Ursa with considerable tankiness as well as the ability to avoid retreating from a base siege for too long due to its % based regeneration, as Ursa does not need damage items, but rather needs to survive to hit the enemy more times.
  • Linken's Sphere icon.png Linken's Sphere is a great item against Disarm and Silence and other heroes possessing powerful single-target spells. It should be bought if Black King Bar icon.png Black King Bar cannot stop the enemy from locking you down.
  • Blade Mail icon.png Blade Mail can be considered if the enemy team is focusing Ursa in fights to return the damage. It is usually bought with a Heart of Tarrasque icon.png Heart of Tarrasque, Satanic icon.png Satanic, or Eye of Skadi icon.png Eye of Skadi on Ursa ensure he has the HP to survive the fight and deal the Blade Mail damage.
  • Sange and Yasha icon.png Sange and Yasha provides some easy-to-build HP and movement speed on Ursa, so if a Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade is not viable in the game, consider this item for some added mobility and tank. It can also be disassembled to create a Heaven's Halberd icon.png Heaven's Halberd and Manta Style icon.png Manta Style later in the game to provide evasion and debuff removal respectively.
  • Boots of Travel 1 icon.png Boots of Travel makes Ursa very mobile and allows him to defend his base or push enemy towers.
  • Desolator icon.png Desolator is a decent item for if your team is mostly based on physical damage. Consider buying it if you are tanky enough to not need a health item and not being kited enough to need an item that provides lockdown.
  • Scythe of Vyse icon.png Scythe of Vyse is a situational disable that transforms enemy into a harmless critter. Can be useful against heroes that can dispel the Abyssal Blade, and provides with great mana regeneration that Ursa might lack, also provides great stats.
  • Nullifier icon.png Nullifier applies dispel and movement speed slow so enemies will have trouble escaping Ursa.


Roles: Carry Carry Jungler Jungler Durable Durable Disabler Disabler
Complexity: ★☆☆
Playstyle: The fiercest member of his ursine tribe, Ulfsaar makes it his purpose to seek out the evil fomenting beyond his homeland. The Ursa Warrior shakes the ground with Earthshock, slowing foes as he Overpowers them with relentless attacks. His claws dig in to widen the wound, inflicting greater damage with each successive Fury Swipe. An Enraged ursine is a sight to behold. Ignoring all pain, the Ursa Warrior goes into a righteous frenzy, and bears down on his opponents to maul them beyond recognition.





  • In DotA, Ulfsaar's alternate name was Fuzzy Wuzzy. This is referenced in one of his spawning lines, where he calls himself ▶️ "Fuzzy Wuzzy". He does not use his actual name, Ulfsaar, in any of his responses. Lone Druid minimap icon.png Lone Druid is the only one who calls him Ulfsaar.
  • In Latin, the word "ursa" means bear. In Portuguese, however, it specifically refers to a female bear. Despite this, Ulfsaar is clearly depicted as male both in his bio (where it is referred to as a "he") and in his in-game dialogue.
  • Ursa's response to killing an enemy Batrider makes reference to the 1940's Anti forest fire mascot "Smokey the Bear".
  • Ursa's Fury Swipes may also be a reference to the Pokémon move of the same name. The move involves the target being hit multiple times, much like Ursa's skills allow him to.
  • Ursa's death response ▶️ "I join hh-hh the wild spirits" is a reference to the death responses from Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim