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This is a list of unreleased content. Only official content, confirmed in the client or leaked by Valve, is listed. As development of Dota 2 is mostly confidential, whether or not an item or feature will be released is highly speculative.



Name Preview Notes
Unknown Hero 1 End of November 2020
Unknown Hero 2 First quarter 2021


Release status for entries are largely speculative. They are roughly categorized as follows:

  • Pending - Item is being prepared for future release, usually in a Treasure, a League Bundle, or through an Event.
  • Delayed - Item is being held for technical or other issues, but will probably still be released in the future.
  • Shelved - Item has been set aside indefinitely, and may or may not ever be released. Models and/or entries usually remain in client.
  • Scrapped - Item has been abandoned due to thematic, copyright, commercial or other issues. Not likely to ever be released. Models and/or entries usually removed from client.
  • Unknown - No reliable information.

Click on column headers to sort by status, name, or last update.

Ability Description/Preview Last Update Status Notes
Deward ability
  • Hidden ability available to every unit
  • Activates upon right-clicking an enemy   Observer Ward or   Sentry Ward
  • Upon right-clicking the ward, the unit starts channeling, instead of attacking the ward
  • Once the channeling finishes, the ward gets destroyed immediately.
  • 600 cast range, unknown channel duration
2015-04-30 Scrapped
Ice Shards Stop
  • Sub-spell for Ice Shards, allowing Tusk to stop the Ice Shards from traveling further
  • No cast time, no cooldown, no mana cost
2015-04-30 Scrapped
  • Listed in the npc_abilities.txt since 6.84.
  •   Ice Shards was changed to travel up to the target point instead, rather than traveling a fixed distance.
Eye of Omen
  • No cast time.
2016-04-25 Scrapped
  Golem Bash 2015-09-24 Shelved
Mind over Matter
  • 800 cast range, 350 radius area target spell with 0.2 second cast time
  • 16/14/12/10 seconds cooldown and 80/100/120/140 mana cost
  • 100/175/250/325 base damage (magical)
  • Slows for 50% of intelligence, lasting 4 second
  • Effect is delayed by 2 second and does not pierce spell immunity. The debuff is dispellable.
2016-04-25 Scrapped
  • 700 cast range, point or unit target spell with 0.5 cast time
  • Cone shaped area, 180 starting radius, 980 travel distance, 200 end radius
  • 16 seconds cooldown and 100 mana cost
  • 200 magical damage
  • 1.5 seconds stun, does not pierce spell immunity. Dispellable with strong dispels.
2016-04-25 Shelved
Spawnlord Master Bash
  • 40% chance to bash an enemy on attack, dealing no bonus damage and stunning for 1 second.
  • Pierces spell immunity, can stun buildings and the debuff is dispellable with strong dispels.
2016-12-12 Shelved
  Divine Sanction
  • 800 cast range, 425 radius area target spell with 0.3 second cast time
  • 18/16/14/12 seconds cooldown and 50/60/70/80 mana cost
  • 50%/60%/70%/80% outgoing spell damage reduction on hit enemies, for 7 seconds.
  • Does not pierce spell immunity, dispellable.
  • Official description: "Causes affected enemies to deal less spell damage for a duration."
  • Official lore text: "When faced with the pit of sacrifice, Purist's resilience to magic was tested and affirmed."
2018-11-19 Shelved
  • Listed in the npc_abilities.txt since 7.20.
  • Ability was meant to replace   Omniknight's   Repel, which got reworked instead.
  Unholy Pact
  • Non-targeted instant cast spell with no cast time. Interrupts channeling spells on cast.
  • 25/20/15/10 seconds cooldown and 20% of current health as cost. No mana cost.
  • Grants 100 attack speed, and makes the next 5 attacks drain 5%/6%/7%/8% of the target's mana, based on max mana.
  • Buff lasts 15 seconds or until all attack charges are used up.
  • Pierce spell immunity, and the buff on the caster is dispellable.
  • Official description: "Grants you bonus attack speed for a limited number of attacks, draining a percentage of mana for each hit. Costs a percentage of current health to cast. Lasts up to %duration% seconds or when the attack count is consumed."
2018-11-19 Shelved
  Frost Aura
  • 1200 radius aura, affecting allies. The aura's buff lingers for 0.5 seconds.
  • Affected allies' attacks slow their attack target's movement speed by 7%/14%/21%/28% for 1 second.
  • Does not buff allied wards or buildings. Does not debuff enemy wards or buildings.
  • Does not pierce spell immunity, and the slow debuff is dispellable. Not disabled by Break.
  • Official description: "Allied Aura. Causes all nearby ally attacks to slow enemy movement speed."
2018-11-19 Shelved


Feature Description/Preview Last Update Status Notes
Neutral item.

Teleport instantly anywhere on the map.

Disjoints projectiles upon cast.

2019-11-26 Shelved
Neutral item.

Targets a unit to teleport to them. Knocks enemies back 250 distance and disables them for 1 second.

  • Blink Strike can be cast on allied units, without disabling them or knocking them back.
  • Moves the user next to the target, positioning them randomly around the target.
  • Does not disjoint projectiles upon teleporting.
  • The user is ordered to attack the target, if it is an enemy.
  • The knockback direction is not based on the angle between the caster's original location and the target's location.
    • Instead, it is based on where the caster lands around the target, knocking towards the direction he is facing
2019-11-26 Shelved
Neutral item.

Overwhelms your hero, causing you to die. However, when you respawn, you will have all talents on both sides skilled.

  • Interrupts the user's channeling spells upon cast.
  • The talents are upgraded instantly on use, and not upon respawn.
  • Cannot kill the user if they are affected by the min health mechanic.
  • Consuming a Greater Mango removes all of the user's unused skill points and prevents them from gaining more.
2019-11-26 Shelved
Jade Bow 2016-04-25 Delayed
Skybreaker 2016-04-25 Delayed
Spirit Helix 2016-04-25 Delayed
Cursed Rapier     2012-10-30 Shelved
  • Made for Diretide 2012, but never used.
  • Altered inventory icon.
  • Added particle effect around hero.
Winter Woolies   2012-12-19 Scrapped
Travel Slipper   ?? Unknown


Feature Description/Preview Last Update Status Notes
Game Modes TagTeam - You are assigned two random heroes (different hero classes). You choose which to start the game with. You start with the same bonus gold as all random. 2012-02-16 Shelved
Balanced Draft - Each team is given 5 heroes that are automatically selected with an attempt to balance roles. 2014-01-29 Shelved
  • Formerly known as Auto Draft.
Creep: Drakken Camp    ?? Scrapped
  • Models and materials were removed from the game files on the Reborn update.
  • Unit data replaced by the Prowler Camp, ability data remains and is fully functional.
  • Model, animations and textures were done. Ability icons were placeholders.
Creep: Stalker Camp    ?? Unknown
  • Model, textures and animations done.
  • Also labelled as Gargoyles.
Hero Voice Responses Taunt responses: Nature's Prophet, Juggernaut, Tinker 2012-03-01 Scrapped
Watching a replay of a specific hero: Nature's Prophet, Juggernaut
Equipping cosmetic items: Nature's Prophet, Juggernaut
HUD Skins with built-in Loading Screens  
(For Jungle Ruin)
2013-06-14 Scrapped
  • Scrapped to make room for Loading Screen slot.
Incognito Mode Toggling this setting will hide your Dota 2 Profile from other players as well as allow you to enter and use a different Profile Name. The setting will override any preferences you may have set for 'PROFILE PRIVACY' in Global Settings. 2013-09-16 Shelved
Rewards for Friend Recruiting 2014-03-07 Shelved
Community Sparkle A sparkling effect for cosmetic items with Self-Made or Community qualities. 2014-06-30 Delayed
Pregame Showcase  
Camera pans over each player's hero while game is loading. Can edit movie, cosmetic items, hero poses, and display player stats.
2014-12-17 Scrapped
  • Likely replaced by the new pre-game interface in 7.00.
"Red Ghost"   2014-09-04 Unknown
  • Purpose unknown.
Achievements   Scrapped
  • Achievements were originally planned for Steam, but were never implemented.
  • This feature may have been replaced by the Gallery of Triumphs.


Main Article: Achievements

Cosmetic ItemsEdit

The following is a list of cosmetic items that have appeared in the client, but were either removed or remain unreleased. During the early days of the cosmetic items system, many scrapped Workshop submissions made brief appearances in the client, likely because a formal vetting system had not yet been established. Most of those items are not listed here unless it received significant attention from Valve.

Click on column headers to sort by status, name, hero, or last update. Some previews show different working versions of the item. Workshop submissions and mods should not be added to this list.


Hero Item Previews Last Update Status Notes
  "Gryphon" Set   2013-09-16 Delayed
  Wrathful Helmet   2014-10-30 Pending

  Shattered Crystals Pack     2014-10-30 Shelved
  Axe's Access   2014-11-20 Pending
  Battlemallet     2012-06-12 Shelved
  • Thematic issues.
  • Originally named Headcrusher.
  • May have been originally intended for   Omniknight.
  "Molten Helm & Shoulder"   2012-05-31 Scrapped
  • Unfinished textures.
  • Shoulder likely remade into Molten Claw.
  top_hat ? Scrapped
  • Thematic issues.
  "Spitting Lizard"   2014-07-30 Shelved
  "Shoulderpad"   ? Scrapped
  Bloodstone Blades 2013-11-14 Shelved
  • Has in-game models, but no copies have been released.
  "Redrim"   2012-05-31 Scrapped
  Vicious Fang Trophy   2014-10-30 Delayed
  Brawler's Hard Helm     2013-09-16 Scrapped
  Smashing Brawler's Shirt     2013-09-16 Scrapped
  • Thematic issues.
  "Blademother"         2012-06-12 Shelved
  • Thematic issues.
  "Twin Tails" Set   2013-09-16 Scrapped
  Cavalier of Anarchy   2014-11-20 Pending
  Two-handed Death 2014-10-30 Delayed
  "Hooked Axe"   2013-09-16 Scrapped
  Wicked Peacemaker         2014-10-30 Delayed
  "Scarab Staff"   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Angelic Guard"   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Blizzard Staff"   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Crystal Embrace" Set   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Iceclaw"   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Owl's Wisdom" Set     2012-10-04 Scrapped
  shiva_scepter     2012-08-02 Scrapped
  soul_ring   ?? Shelved
  "Northman's" Set   2014-11-20 Pending
  Black Wyrm Bow Hunter   2014-11-20 Pending
  Cowl of the Sparrow   2016-01-06 Scrapped
  "Hat"   2013-11-14 Scrapped
  • Originally intended as part of the default model, but never used.
  "Bracers"   2015-05-05 Scrapped
  "Ritual" Set   2013-04-19 Scrapped
  Dark Geode   2014-10-30 Pending
  Heavy Crusher   2012-08-02 Shelved
  "Mask of Madness"   2015-05-01 Scrapped
  Gyrotechnic Assault   2014-11-20 Pending
  "Short Hair"   2014-11-20 Pending
  "Itinerant's/Nomad's Set"         2012-05-31 Shelved
  "Slackjaw"   2012-06-12 Shelved
  "Kusanagi"   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Legacy" Sword   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Scimitar"   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Wolfsword"   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  Mad Man's Mask   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Flaming Blade"     2013-07-18 Unknown
  "Green Sword"     2013-09-16 Unknown
  Blade of Swift Victory 2014-10-30 Delayed
  Admiral's Prow/
"Ironsides" Set
  2014-10-30 Shelved
  • Head piece removed because of thematic issues, causing other set pieces to be separated and distributed freely through drops.
  • Two parts have dropped in the past: Old Ironsides Gauntlet and Old Ironsides Pauldrons.
  • Head piece comes with custom teleport animation.
  "Norse King" Set   2014-11-20 Pending
  "Head - Beardless"   2012-05-31 Shelved
  "Head - Zombie"   2012-05-31 Shelved
  • No loadout slot for head.
  • Thematic issues.
  • Related to early concepts for Kunkka with him as a ghost/undead, or an easter egg of him secretly being a ghost. Some of his voice responses make more sense with Kunkka being a ghost/undead.
  "Megalodon"   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Torrent Blade"   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Treasure Hunter's Set"     2012-10-04 Scrapped
  Soulhook Bracer   2014-10-30 Delayed
  "Mana Drain Helm"     2015-05-01 Scrapped
  "Hood"   2013-01-31 Scrapped
  Skull of Xahryx 2013-07-26 Scrapped
  "Shapeshifter's" Set   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Tribal Hunter" Set   2013-01-31 Scrapped
  Wizened Bear   2014-10-30 Delayed
  "Silver Hair"     2013-09-16 Shelved
  Staff of Gun-Yu of the Crimson Witness 2017-08-05 Scrapped
  Slashing Quickslicer Pack Shelved
  • Has in-game models, but no copies have been released.
  "Dagon"   2015-05-01 Scrapped
  • Originally intended as an Immortal for TI5.
  • Has particle effects.
  "Santa Set"   2012-05-31 Scrapped
  • Includes hat and beard.
  • Likely Easter egg.
  "The Awkward Acorn"   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  • Thematic issues.
  "Sprout" Set   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  • Contained shoulder and staff pieces.
  "Hypnos" Set   2014-10-30 Delayed
  "Enlightened" Set   2014-10-30 Shelved
  "Brother Omni" Set     2012-09-27 Scrapped
  "Widowmaker"   2013-04-19 Shelved
  diadem_dark     2013-04-19 Shelved
  Horns of the World-breaker   2013-04-19 Shelved
  Essence Collector   2013-04-19 Shelved
  "Lunacy Bringer" Set   2014-10-30 Delayed
  "Ancient Sisters" Set   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Cutter" (?)   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  Seven-edged Blade 2014-05-13 Delayed
  "Scythe of the Veil"   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Anuwrath's Guard" Set   2015-01-08 Scrapped
  • Originally part of the Dota2VO Ability Cup 1 bundle, but removed due to compatibility issues and replaced with Garb of Shades.
  • Strings readded to the client on January 08, 2015, likely by accident.
  "Psycrowpath"     2013-01-31 Scrapped
  • Thematic issues.
  "Hood of Defiance"     2013-09-16 Shelved
  Slaughterhouse Chains   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  • Physics issues.
  "Ripper"   2012-06-14 Shelved
  "Slicer"   2012-06-14 Shelved
  "Snake Dagger"   2012-06-20 Shelved
  Necklace of the Queen   2016-01-06 Scrapped
  "Diffusal"   ? Scrapped
  golden_horse_blades   2014-10-30 Shelved
  Piercing Umbrage 2013-11-14 Shelved
  • Has schema entries, but no copies have been released.
  "Markings" Set   2013-01-31 Scrapped
  Sack of Scrolls   2014-10-30 Delayed
  "Summoner's" Set   2012-10-04 Shelved
  • Tambourine model remains in files.
  "Bone Blade"   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  • Likely remade into an existing item.
  Mordiggian Blade   2012-08-02 Scrapped
  "Vulcan Blade"   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Figurehead"   2013-09-16 Scrapped
  • Thematic issues.
  "  Mask of Madness"   2014-04-29 Shelved
  "Old Boy"   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  "Headband"   2013-04-19 Shelved
  "Silent" Set   2013-01-31 Scrapped
  Blades of Foulfell     2015-05-01 Scrapped
  "Wings"   2015-05-01 Scrapped
  "Deep Sea" Set       2012-08-02 Scrapped
  "Lobster Claw"   2013-04-19 Scrapped
  Wrath of the Orca       2012-03-16 Scrapped
  • Test of concept for early cosmetic items system.
  • Color scheme mismatch.
  "Orichalcum Axe"   2013-01-31 Scrapped
  "Rare Tricorn"   2012-05-31 Scrapped
  Sea-God's Ceremonial Headdress     2012-06-12 Scrapped
  "Tail Fin"   2013-04-19 Scrapped
  "Tempest Sight Axe"   2012-08-02 Scrapped
  "Whale Hook"   2012-03-16 Scrapped
  "Cave" Set   2012-08-02 Scrapped
  • Hard to distinguish from default textures.
  "Glacial Commander" Set   2014-11-20 Pending
  "Nerubian" Set   2012-08-09 Shelved
  "Bamboo" Set   2012-10-04 Scrapped
  • Thematic issues.
  Aduron     2014-10-30 Delayed
  Pact of Gor-Thramak In his travels across the Outer Worlds, ostensibly in search of arcane artifacts, the warlock Demnok Lannik has signed many a dark pact. Countless terrible entities owe him their favor. Gor-Thramak, the Sanguinated Fiend, is one such debtor. In a time of dire need, the Warlock might call upon the Fiend’s Avatar – the Rendbeast – to aid in the dubious work of slaughter and mayhem. 2012-05-31 Shelved
  fourleg_demon   2012-05-31 Shelved
  • Has numerous animations.
  • Possible model for Pact of Gor-Thramak.
  • Possible thematic issues.
  "Thorn Staff"   2013-04-19 Shelved
  "Acacia Bow"     2013-08-23 Scrapped
  Timberhood     2012-05-24 Shelved
  • One of the earliest cosmetic items.
  • Merged as one model.
  • Color scheme mismatch.
  Zephyrus' Flight   2014-11-20 Pending
  "Ice Castle"   2016-05-16 Scrapped
  bone_mace   2012-05-31 Shelved
  • Oversized, unfinished model.
  "Black" Set   2014-08-06 Shelved


Courier Preview Last Update Status Notes
"Catakeet"       2014-11-20 Shelved
  • Animations done.
  • Has customization slots for head, tail, and wings.
"Echowisp"   2014-11-20 Delayed
  • Animations done.
  • Tagged as Genuine.
"Grimwolf"   2014-11-20 Delayed
"Gryphon"   2012-04-12 Shelved
  • No animations.
"Houndeye"     2013-04-25 Shelved
"Snow Leopard"   2012-06-28 Shelved
  • Has numerous animations.
  • Unfinished textures.
Struthio the Persevering   2014-11-20 Pending


Ward Preview Last Update Status Notes
"Bloodseeker Ward"   2012-12-13 Shelved
"Lightning Rod"   2012-11-08 Shelved
"Dragon Knight Ward"   2012-12-13 Shelved
"Drow Ranger Ward"   2012-12-13 Shelved
"Sea Dog's Watcher"   2013-03-07 Shelved
  • Design based on   Kunkka.
  • Has full animations.
"Christmas Tree" Ward   2012-12-13 Shelved
"Chromy the Centipede"   2015-05-22 Scrapped
"Sibling Spotter"   2015-05-22 Scrapped
"Woody"   2015-05-22 Scrapped


Some entries in this list may be duplicates with different names.

Hero Taunt Previews Last Update Status Notes
  Taunt: Good Day Sir!   2014-10-30 Delayed
  Taunt: Playful Snowball   2014-10-30 Delayed
  Taunt: Doubled-Headed Roar   2014-10-30 Delayed
  Taunt: Icemelter   2014-10-30 Delayed
  Taunt: Face the Juggernaut  
Invite your enemy to embrace their death in honorable combat.
2014-10-30 Delayed
  Taunt: Kata of Foot and Earth Demonstrate your martial skill with this kata. 2014-10-30 Delayed
  Taunt: Kata of Blade and Sky The strike is not merely a tool to bring death. It is an expression of worth. 2014-10-30 Delayed
  "Taunt: Mask Lord"   2014-10-30 Delayed
  "Taunt: Rum"   ?? Delayed
  "Taunt: Spyglass"   ?? Delayed
  "Taunt: Bow"   ?? Delayed
  Taunt: Canonical Blast  
That *is* his staff and he's excited to have killed you!
2014-10-30 Delayed
  • Also referred to as Taunt: Bazooka.
  Taunt: Murder Lute  
Verily Nature's Prophet sings unto thee: DIE!
2014-10-30 Delayed
  Taunt: Raising the Roof Nature's Prophet praises the treetops! ?? Delayed
  Taunt: Tooting the Horn  
Salute the death of your enemy.
2014-10-30 Delayed
  Taunt: Bo Staff Beckon   2014-10-30 Delayed
  • Also referred to as Taunt: Bo Staff Skills.
  Taunt: Pudding! ?? Delayed
  Taunt: Dive! Dive!  
Periscope depth!
2014-10-30 Delayed
  Taunt: Traffic Controller! ?? Delayed
  Taunt: Sniper's Celebration 2014-10-30 Delayed
  Taunt: Inner Peace! ?? Delayed
  "Taunt: Yippy"   ?? Delayed
  Taunt: Fish Treat   2014-10-30 Delayed
  Taunt: Witchdoctor of Soul! ?? Delayed

River VialsEdit

See River Vials/Unreleased for more entries and previews.
Description/Preview Last Update Status Notes

2016-05-16 Shelved
  • Some of these River Vials may have been early test versions of existing ones.


Type Item Description/Preview Last Update Status Notes
HUD Skin "New Bloom 2014 HUD"   2014-01-29 Shelved
  • Default event skin for New Bloom.
  • Has armory icon and previews, but was never released as a stand-alone item.
Loading Screen "Lifestealer Art"   2014-05-09 Shelved
Crafting Year Beast Parts
2014-01-29 Scrapped
  • Originally made for New Bloom 2014.
  • Intended as crafting ingredients for event rewards.
  • Crafting feature has been phased out.
Crafting Ancient Rarity Recipe   2013-11-14 Scrapped
  • Crafting feature has been phased out.
Crafting Artificer's Brand and Recipe 2013-11-14 Scrapped
  • Originally intended to add Unusual sockets to couriers.
  • Crafting feature has been phased out.
Crafting "Quest Recipes"       2014-10-30 Scrapped
  • Comes in rarity tiers.
  • Crafting feature has been phased out.
Gem Soul_gem DOTA_Soul_Gem_Raving_Aristocrat 2013-12-12 Shelved
Gem "Roshan Gem"   2013-11-14 Shelved
Treasure "Windranger's Chest"   2012-07-12 Scrapped
Hex Model Amphibian Alteration A variation on the classic polymorphic hex favored by swamp wizards and spurned witches. When equipped, this item replaces your hex animal with a frog. 2012-03-16 Scrapped
  • Replaced with item-bound customizations.
Hex Model Polymorphic Pasteurization A particularly smelly shape change designed by a Dwarven spellsmith with a taste for Orcish Bleu. When equipped, this item replaces your hex animal with a piece of cheese. 2012-03-16 Scrapped
  • Replaced with item-bound customizations.
  • Cheese can't even move.
Gift Gift Giver Reward Courier A special courier that will aid you for one day/week, as a reward for your generosity. 2012-03-16 Scrapped
Gift Matches Played Reward Courier A special courier that will aid you for one day/week, as a reward for your tenacity. 2012-03-16 Scrapped
Gift Crates Opened Reward Courier A special courier that will aid you for one day/week, as a reward for your curiosity. 2012-03-16 Scrapped
Booster Fortunate Soul A crystal containing the soul of a treasure hunter. Use it to increase your drop rate for one week by 50%. Additionally, everyone else in games you play receive a 5% extra drop rate (this bonus stacks). 2012-04-13 Scrapped
Booster Prosperous Soul A crystal containing the soul of a wealthy noble. Use it to increase your drop rate for one week by 100%. Additionally, everyone else in games you play receive a 10% extra drop rate (this bonus stacks). 2012-04-13 Scrapped
Booster Repentant Soul A crystal containing the soul of a saint. Use it to immediately exit the low priority punishment queue. This does not clear leaves or reports from your account. 2012-03-16 Scrapped


These animations exist in the game files, but are not used. Most are likely potential custom animations for equipment items, although some may be Taunts.

Hero Animation Previews Last Update Status Notes
All Fleeing Animations   2012-03-01 Scrapped
  • Intended to be used when being chased.
  rampant_berserkers_call   2014-05-30 Shelved
  portrait_taunt_fogheart   ?? Shelved
  • Very short.
  attack_showoff   ?? Shelved
  teleport_admirals_prow   2013-07-26 Shelved
  voodoo_fishstick   2014-05-30 Shelved
  batter_up   2012-03-16 Shelved
  taunt_laugh   ? Shelved
  • Very short.
  • Possibly a Tutorial animation.
  Alternate Attack: Fish Slap   2014-10-30 Shelved
  • Could signify a new category of items.
  Ultimate: Belly Flop   2014-11-13 Shelved
  • Likely intended for   Ravage.
  • Could signify a new category of items.