Undying Zombie

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Undying Zombie
Undying Zombie model.png
Undying Zombie model.png
Undying Zombie Torso model.png
Undying Zombie icon.png
Level 1
Duration 30
Health 2
Health regeneration 0
Armor 0
Magic resistance 33%
Status resistance 0%
Attack damage 44‒48 (Talent 69‒73)
Acquisition range 800
Attack range 128
Base attack time 1.6
Attack animation 0.3+0.3
Movement speed 375
Follow range 100
Turn rate 0.5
Collision size 2
Vision range 1400 (G)
Bounty 0
Experience 0
Model scale 1.05
Abilities Deathlust
Spell Immunity
Notes Uncontrollable
Main Article: Undying


Not disabled by Break. Pierces spell immunity.
Deathlust (Undying Zombie) icon.png
Slows enemy units on attack. If the attacked unit's health goes below the threshold, the zombie receives enhanced movement and attack speed.
Health Threshold: 40%
Threshold Move Speed Bonus: 35%/40%/45%/50%
Threshold Attack Speed Bonus: 50/60/70/80
Move Speed Slow: 7%
Slow Duration: 2.5
Buff modifier_undying_tombstone_zombie_deathstrike: Dispellable with death only.
Buff modifier_undying_tombstone_zombie_deathlust: Dispellable with death only.
Debuff modifier_undying_tombstone_zombie_deathstrike_slow_counter: Dispellable with death only.
Debuff modifier_undying_tombstone_zombie_deathstrike_slow: Dispellable with any dispel.


  • The slow from multiple attacks and multiple zombies fully stacks.
  • Each stack lasts 2.5 seconds. They do not refresh each other's duration.
  • The number of current stacks can be seen on the debuff icon (a number is visible on it).
  • The health of the target is checked in 0.5 second intervals. If their target is below the threshold, the Deathlust Frenzy buff is placed.
  • The buff lasts for 2.5 seconds, but gets refreshed as long as the target stays below the threshold.

Spell Immunity
Not disabled by Break.
Spell Immunity old icon.png
This creature does not feel the effects of most magical spells.
Buff modifier_magic_immune: Dispellable with death only.


  • The status buff uses the other Spell Immunity icon.png spell immunity icon.