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Not to be confused with an item's Quality.

Rarity is a property of cosmetic items. It is represented in-game by the item's color theme. Rarity is a purely cosmetic property, and has no effect on gameplay.

General Information[edit]

  • Items have both a Rarity and a Quality value.
  • In general, rarer items tend to drop less often, and have more customizations.
  • Rarity does not determine whether or not an item is tradeable or marketable, Quality does.


Rarity Color Description Sound Effect
Common #b0c3d9 ▶️ Sound
Uncommon #5e98d9 ▶️ Sound
Rare #4b69ff ▶️ Sound
Mythical #8847ff ▶️ Sound
Legendary #d32ce6 ▶️ Sound
Immortal #b28a33 Items released with Valve events that can no longer be obtained except from other players. ▶️ Sound
Arcana #ade55c Items that grant heroes extensive customizations, including models, animations, particle effects, icons, etc. ▶️ Sound
Ancient #eb4b4b Items gained from special events that are no longer obtainable. ▶️ Sound
Dota Plus Access #fff34f Temporary items for Dota Plus subscribers. Will expire after a time.

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