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  • Pre attack sound plays during the attack animation.
  • Impact sounds play when the attack successfully hits a target.
    • Play Main impact 1 (50% vol)
    • Play Main impact 2 (50% vol)
    • Play Main impact 3 (50% vol)


  • Play on each step while moving. Consists of one footstep and one foley sound per step.
    • Play Footstep 1 (30%-60% vol)
    • Play Footstep 2 (30%-60% vol)
    • Play Footstep 3 (30%-60% vol)
    • Play Footstep 4 (30%-60% vol)
    • Play Footstep 5 (30%-60% vol)
    • Play Footstep 6 (30%-60% vol)
    • Play Footstep 7 (30%-60% vol)
    • Play foley 1 (20%-60% vol)
    • Play foley 2 (20%-60% vol)
    • Play foley 3 (20%-60% vol)
    • Play foley 4 (20%-60% vol)
    • Play foley 5 (20%-60% vol)
    • Play foley 6 (20%-60% vol)
    • Play foley 7 (20%-60% vol)


Ice Shards[edit]

  • Play Cast sound plays on Tusk upon cast (70% vol).
  • Play Projectile sound plays on the projectile while it travels.
  • Play Impact sound plays when the shards are released.
  • Play Full sound example.

Whisky the Stout Artifact

  • One of these play together with the default sound as an overlay (70% vol).
  • Play Full sound example.


  • Play Cast sound plays on Tusk upon cast (70% vol).
  • Play Loop sound plays on the Snowball, starting at the moment it is created and lasting until it crumbles.
  • Play Ally sound plays on allies whenever they enter the Snowball.
  • Play Impact sound plays on each enemy unit stunned by the Snowball
  • Hit sounds play on each enemy unit stunned by the Snowball (100% vol when hitting heroes, 50% vol when hitting non-heroes).
  • Has no sound effect for launching the Snowball.
  • Play Full sound example with no secondary enemies hit.

Frozen Sigil[edit]

  • Play Cast sound plays on Tusk upon cast.
  • Play Loop sound plays and follows the sigil the moment it was created, until expiring or destroyed (60% vol).
  • Play Full sound example.

Walrus Punch[edit]

  • Play Cast sound plays on Tusk during the attack animation when the buff is placed, together with his regular preattack sounds (70% vol).
  • Play Hit sound plays as an extra attack impact layer on Tusk upon successfully punching a unit.
  • Play Land sound plays when the punched units hits the ground.
  • Play Full sound example.


Taunt: Fight Me!

  • Play Plays on Tusk upon taunt begin.
  • Play Together with animation sounds.