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Trusty Shovel

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Trusty Shovel
Trusty Shovel icon.png
Neutral Drop Only
Tier 1
Active Dig
Bonus +150 Health
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Trusty Shovel

The Trusty Shovel is a tier 1 neutral item dropped by neutral creeps.

Additional information[edit]


Channel for 1 second.
Can find a Bounty Rune, a Flask, a 2 charged TP Scroll bundle, or an enemy Kobold.
Channel Time: 1
Bounty Rune Drop Chance: 16%
Healing Salve Drop Chance: 28%
Town Portal Scroll Drop Chance: 28%
Kobold Drop Chance: 28%
Cooldown: 55


  • The channeling must succeed to get a reward.
  • Since the dug up Kobold is a neutral unit, it attacks both factions, and can drop neutral items as well.
  • Dug up items cannot be sold and are fully shareable.
  • The same reward may not appear twice in a row.