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Background Information
Name:Kalle Saarinen
Birthdate:1989-12-28 (age 30)
Country:Finland Finland
Role:Offlaner, Carry
Signature heroes:Bounty Hunter icon.png Dark Seer icon.png Nature's Prophet icon.png
Dota 2:
2011-12-05 — 2012-05-02
2012-09-03 — 2014-09-??
2014-09-?? — 2015-09-28
2015-09-28 — 2016-03-02
2016-03-26 — 2016-04-30
2017-01-06 — 2017-01-25
2017-01-25 — 2017-06-04

Kalle Saarinen, more famously known as Trixi, is a Dota 2 player who is currently teamless.

Early career and HoN[edit]

8Ball and Fnatic[edit]

Trixi started his career as a semi-pro in a DotA team 8Ball with his friends back in 2009. As not getting any success with 8Ball and wanting to try something new Trixi began his hiatus to the competing game Heroes of Newerth where his actual professional career started. Quite soon after the change to HoN he found himself playing under the flag of Fnatic. Trixi was the backbone of Fnatic for about 2 years and with Fnatic, Trixi achieved almost everything one could have achieved in the HoN competitive scene of the time and was also voted as the best carry player in 2010 and second time in a row in 2011 even though he had already switched from HoN to Dota2.

After the ESL Major Series 2011 Trixi announced his departure from Fnatic and HoN and said he'll switch to Dota2. Later it's said and rumored that he decided to switch to Dota2 because of the imbalancies in HoN and the lack of challenge in HoN competitive the scene.

Dota 2[edit]


At the end of 2011, Trixi formed team Ebin with former HoN players Rexi, DeMeNt, twiSta and SingSing. With Ebin they made it to the LAN finals of Star Series in Kiev and at the same time team Ebin was picked up by Mousesports. During the spring 2012 Trixi played more or less actively in Mous and gained some minor achievements. In spring 2012 Mous went through some roster changes and Trixi decided to leave the team. He formed a fun team Finstack with his Finnish friends. They didn't really play seriously even though they took part in few minor tournaments, though mostly as a emergency substitute team.


In summer 2012 it was rumoured that Trixi might be joining FnaticRC Dota2 team, which roster had switched completely from HoN to Dota2. After couple months honeymoon and just before the Dreamhack Valencia (Dreamhack winter 2012 qualification tournament) FnaticRC announced that Trixi is once again part of Fnatic team.