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▶️ I speak for the trees.
Nature's Prophet

Trees are a prominent terrain feature in Dota 2. They make up a large amount of the map, and are very prominent in the forests that separate the lanes and border the map. Trees block vision and are normally impassable.


Trees on the Radiant and Dire sides of the map.

Trees cannot be targeted by normal attacks and most abilities, but certain abilities interact with trees, such as Monkey King minimap icon.png Monkey King's Tree Dance.

Trees will regrow five minutes after they were destroyed except if a unit is standing within 150 range of where they would spawn. In this case, the tree respawns once the unit gets out of range. This is to prevent the unit from getting stuck in the trees.

Despite the varying appearance and apparent size of the various trees, all permanent trees have an identical size of a 64x64 unit square.

The console command to respawn all destroyed trees on the map is dota_treerespawn (requires cheats to be turned on).

Abilities which create temporary trees[edit]

Temporary trees interact with abilities identically to permanent trees, but may be placed anywhere, have a differently sized collision box, and vanish after a set time if not destroyed.

Abilities interacting with trees[edit]

Abilities destroying trees[edit]


  • There are currently "2107" trees in the Dota 2 map.