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For Templar Assassin's sub-ability, see Trap icon.png Trap.
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Trap is a type of disable that completely or partially surrounds a unit with immobile objects or restricts their movement in such a way that they cannot escape. Traps do not prevent any actions, such as attacking or using abilities and items, from being performed. Spell interactions might be different for each traps with any escape skills.

Types of traps[edit]

The following abilities are traps:

  • Power Cogs icon.png
    Duration: 5/6/7/8
    Creates a ring of eight cogs. Cogs can be destroyed in 2/2/2/3 attacks, though Clockwerk can destroy them with one. The cogs are treated as wards (structures).
  • Kinetic Field icon.png
    Duration: 2.6/3.2/3.8/4.4
    Creates an indestructible circular barrier of 300-unit radius that enemies cannot walk in or out of. The field does not affect units under the effect of spell immunity.
  • Fissure icon.png
    Duration: 8
    Creates a ridge 1350 units long.
  • Sprout icon.png
    Duration: 3/4/5/6
    Creates a ring of eight trees that can be destroyed by any item or ability that destroys trees, such as Quelling Blade and Nature's Call.
  • Mass Serpent Ward icon.png
    Duration: 45
    Creates a ring of ten serpent wards that have spell immunity and can be destroyed in 2 attacks. The trap can be escaped with any ability that gives unitwalking, such as Shukuchi or Phase Boots.
  • Pounce icon.png
    Duration: 3.5 (Talent 6.5)
    Prevents the target unit from moving 325 units away from the point of impact.
  • Ice Shards icon.png
    Duration: 7
    Creates a semi-circle of five indestructible ice shards facing the direction the spell was cast.

Patch history[edit]

  • Changed creep and neutral pathfinding with Power Cogs icon.png Power Cogs, Ice Shards icon.png Ice Shards, Sprout icon.png Sprout and Fissure icon.png Fissure. These all now work similar to Earthshaker's Fissure, which has been changed to allow a limited amount of creep pathing around it.

Version history[edit]

  • Creeps no longer try to path around Fissure icon.png Fissure; they will wait for it to disappear.

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