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Entering battle


  • ▶️ My friends, this one is indubitably in the bag!

Beginning battle


6 seconds cooldown


6 seconds cooldown

Ordering a spell cast

Only when distance is at least 2x the cast range, 4 seconds cooldown


Killing enemy
25% chance

Heat-Seeking Missile
On cast

Killing enemy
25% chance

March of the Machines
On cast

On cast, any level

On cast, level 1

  • ▶️ 20 The massless field flux should self-limit.
  • ▶️ u I've clamped the manifold parameters to… CY base and LG orbifold… Hilbert inclusive.
  • ▶️ 20 Initializing in… 3..2..1!

Leveling up

Killing an enemy

Killing a specific enemy
25% chance

  • ▶️ Clockwerk minimap icon.png Rattletrap, all your parts are out of stock!
  • ▶️ Sniper minimap icon.png Letting me out of your sight was your first mistake, Sniper!
  • ▶️ Gyrocopter minimap icon.png Gyro, that craft of yours has made you dizzy.
  • ▶️ Alchemist minimap icon.png What sort of loon believes in Alchemy?
  • ▶️ Nature's Prophet minimap icon.png Science: One. Nature's Prophet: Nothing!
  • ▶️ Nature's Prophet minimap icon.png Nature's profit, your loss!
  • ▶️ Anti-Mage minimap icon.png Anti-Mage, your efforts against magic do not go unappreciated, I assure you!
  • ▶️ Chen minimap icon.png What you see before you, Chen, is truly intelligent design!
  • ▶️ Warlock minimap icon.png Warlock, you should put down your spell book and pick up a textbook!
  • ▶️ Lina minimap icon.png Well, Lina, fire vs. laser beams, it's a timeless struggle.
  • ▶️ Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png We have established the melting point of Crystal Maiden!
  • ▶️ Invoker minimap icon.png Should have taken up science, Invoker, magic's long term prospects are dim!

First Blood

Last hitting

60 seconds cooldown

Enemy Spiderlings
15% chance


Requires visible enemy player within 1000 radius, 60 seconds cooldown

Acquiring an item

Acquiring a specific item

10% chance




Bottling Runes

Activating runes

Arcane Rune minimap icon.png Arcane Rune

Bounty Rune minimap icon.png Bounty Rune

Double Damage Rune minimap icon.png Double Damage Rune

Haste Rune minimap icon.png Haste Rune

25% chance

Illusion Rune minimap icon.png Illusion Rune

Invisibility Rune minimap icon.png Invisibility Rune

Regeneration Rune minimap icon.png Regeneration Rune

25% chance

Ability on cooldown

First attempt within 10 seconds

Second attempt within 10 seconds

Third and more attempts within 10 seconds

Not enough mana

First attempt within 10 seconds

Second attempt within 10 seconds

Third and more attempts within 10 seconds

Taking damage

3 seconds cooldown

25% chance


5 consecutive clicks on the hero

  • ▶️ My suit should keep me comfortable through all of this.
  • ▶️ With my brains and your brawn, we'll make an excellent team!
  • ▶️ Someone has hidden my glasses again!
  • ▶️ Well. I think it's rather stimulating, don't you?
  • ▶️ I'm the one man who knows everything!
  • ▶️ I hope someday I'll run into another survivor of the Violet Plateau Incident, but it's not looking promising.

Chat responses

thx, thanks, ty, or ally casts certain spell on player, 30 seconds cooldown

/laugh, haha, lol, 15 seconds cooldown

Match end



Cosmetic item drop



Rare and higher






  • ▶️ u If you were a genius like me, you'd be running for cover right now!
  • ▶️ u I've got a theory I'd like to test out, on your skull!
  • ▶️ u Try to outsmart me, and you'll just end up, smarting.