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Escape Potion

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Escape Potion
The Underhollow Escape Potion icon.png
Seasonal Event
Active Escape Potion
Charges 1
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Escape Potion (200)

The Escape Potion is a consumable item granted to each player at the start of the match. It is not purchasable, but can be sold.

Additional information[edit]

  • Stacks with itself in the inventory, there is no stack limit. The sell value adapts based on the number of instances in a stack.
  • Escape Potions are fully shareable.


Escape Potion
No Target
Grants 15 seconds of invisibility and 50% bonus movement speed. Silenced, muted, and disarmed for the duration. Attacking or casting a spell will break the effect.
Movement Speed Bonus: 50%
Fade Time: 0
Duration: 15
Cooldown: 0
Buff Potion of Cowardice Buff: Undispellable.


  • Interrupts the user's channeling spells upon cast.
  • Despite the description, does not disarm, silencer or mute the user.
  • The invisibility is broken upon reaching the cast point of spells or items, or upon launching an attack.
  • allows the user to path through other units, including wards, but not through buildings or gates.


  • This item's beta name was "Potion of Cowardice".
  • The icon is based on Clarity icon.png Clarity's icon.