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The Summit 3 (Bundle)

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The Summit 3 (Bundle)
Cosmetic icon The Summit 3 (Bundle).png
Rarity: Mythical
Slot: League Bundle

Continuing the spirit of previous iterations, The Summit 3 will be another laid-back, intimate experience with the best teams from across the globe duking it out in the Beyond the Summit studio in Los Angeles. Includes the Antipodean Allies set, the Mask of Divine Sorrow, The Summit 3 HUD, and The Summit 3 Emoticon and Cursor Packs.
The Summit 3 (Bundle)
Antipodean Allies
Mask of the Divine Sorrow
The Summit 3 Emoticon Pack
The Summit 3 HUD
The Summit 3 Loading Screen
The Summit 3 Cursor Pack

This bundle grants access to The Summit 3 tournament. It comes with a compendium.

Set Items[edit]

Patch history[edit]

  • Added The Summit 3 Cursor Pack and The Summit 3 Loading Screen to the bundle.