The International 2018: Main Event

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TheInternationalSmall.png The International 2018: Main Event
Minibanner The International 2018.png
Canada British Columbia
Start Date:20 August 2018
End Date:25 August 2018
Tier:The International
Prize Pool:TBA
Access Free to spectate

The Main Event is a double-elimination tournament with the top four teams from each group starting off in the Upper Bracket whilst those who received 5th to 8th place starting off in the Lower (The teams that received 9th place in each group were eliminated). Most matches in the tournament are best-of-three, with the only exceptions being the matches in the 1st round of the Lower Bracket being best-of-one and the Grand Finals being best-of-five.

If any team in the Upper Bracket were to have lost their round, they will be placed within the Lower Bracket, giving them a second chance to make it to the grand finals. If any team were to be eliminated from the Lower Bracket, they are eliminated from play.


Date Event Notes
August 20 – 25 Main Event
  • 16 teams, double elimination.
  • 8 teams begin in the upper bracket, 8 in the lower bracket.
  • First lower bracket game is best of one, others are best of three.
  • Grand finals are best of five.


  Lower Bracket Round 1 (Bo1) Upper Bracket Round 1 (Bo3)
Lower Bracket Round 2 (Bo3)
Lower Bracket Round 3 (Bo3) Upper Bracket Round 2 (Bo3)
Lower Bracket Round 4 (Bo3)
Lower Bracket Round 5 (Bo3) Upper Bracket Finals (Bo3)
Lower Bracket Finals (Bo3)
Grand Finals (Bo5)
  Team Liquid Team Liquid 2
  OpTic Gaming OpTic Gaming 0
  Team Liquid Team Liquid 0
  OG OG 2
  VGJ.Storm VGJ.Storm 0
  OG OG 2
  OG OG 2
  Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses 1
  Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses 2
  Team Secret Team Secret 0
  OG OG Champion 3
  OpTic Gaming OpTic Gaming 2
  Fnatic Fnatic 0
  Team Serenity Team Serenity 0   Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses 2
  Team Serenity Team Serenity 1   OpTic Gaming OpTic Gaming 1 0 2 2
  TNC Pro Team TNC Pro Team 0   PSG.LGD PSG.LGD 2
  Mineski Mineski 0   Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses 2
  Mineski Mineski 1   Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses 0
  Team Liquid Team Liquid 0
  VGJ.Storm VGJ.Storm 2
  Newbee Newbee 0
  Winstrike Team Winstrike Team 0   Team Liquid Team Liquid 2
  Winstrike Team Winstrike Team 1   VGJ.Storm VGJ.Storm 0
  Team Secret Team Secret 0
  Team Secret Team Secret 2
  Team Secret Team Secret 2
  VGJ.Thunder VGJ.Thunder 0
  Vici Gaming Vici Gaming 1
  Vici Gaming Vici Gaming 1