The International 2017/Champions Cup/North America

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TheInternationalSmall.png The International 2017: Champions Cup North America
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Start Date:21 June 2017
End Date:21 June 2017
Access Free to spectate

The Champions Cup North America consists of four teams competing for a spots in the North American The International 2017 qualifier.


Place Seed Team
A11st NA Qualifier Starboyz Starboyz
A22nd - Wind Boys Wind Boys
A33rd - Team Eternity Team Eternity
A44th - For The Pig For The Pig


Wind Boys
Wind Boys
Canada Chris Martin
Canada HUH
Canada HuangZhen
Canada Anemone
Canada Swordempire
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For The Pig
For The Pig
United States Sylvanas W…
United States PMA
United States ❤♥夏が散らかしてっ…
United States XDXDXD
China Mzpig
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Team Eternity
Team Eternity
United States Wolf
United States MJW
United States Remy
World TBD
Canada MaRiO
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United States ShEep716
United States -bty
United States luosi
United States Dragonheart
United States 0range
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  Semifinals Finals
  Wind Boys Wind Boys 2
  For The Pig For The Pig 0
  Wind Boys Wind Boys 0
  Starboyz Starboyz 2
  Team Eternity Team Eternity 1
  Starboyz Starboyz 2