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The Burden of Eleven Curses Set

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The Burden of Eleven Curses Set
Cosmetic icon The Burden of Eleven Curses Set.png
Doom icon.png
Rarity: Rare

He that burns and is not consumed now walks the battlefied, shielded by the ancient promise of the Eleven Curses. Eleven Eyes, eleven seals, eleven curses. All to insure victory in even the worst of battles. Contains all of the items in 'The Burden of Eleven Curses' set for Doom.
Created By
The Burden of Eleven Curses Set
Tail of the Eleven Curses
Sword of the Eleven Curses
Bracer of the Eleven Curses
Wings of the Eleven Curses
Belt of the Eleven Curses
Shoulder of the Eleven Curses
Horns of the Eleven Curses

This set was selected as a one of the winning entries in the 2012 Polycount Contest.

Set Items[edit]