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Fantastic template! It's much better than abilityboxes at displaying big lists of abilities. I have some suggestions:

1) I'd suggest toning down the saturation of the skill background colors. They're so saturated that the eye is constantly drawn back to the left. Making the colors bright enough to use black text should be enough. The white-bold-text-on-bright-color should be reserved for infobox headers, I think.
2) The name section is really wide horizontally, it could be made to resize itself to the minimum automatically. At the very least the size could be decreased a little bit.
3) The ability name could be put in a separate column from hero/item name, so sorting by ability name would be possible.
4) The ability name should link to the ability on the appropriate hero's page, the way SkillboxMinimal does.

--Pigbuster 16:53, 4 March 2013 (UTC)

Currently the separator should be fixed from "- " to " - ".