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{{Rune Table
| link = Illusion Rune
| rune = Illusion
| name = Illusion
| values = 
'''{{show|A|Illusion Rune|Illusion|trait1}}''': {{show|A|Illusion Rune|Illusion|value1}}

'''{{show|A|Illusion Rune|Illusion|trait2}}''': {{show|A|Illusion Rune|Illusion|value2}}

'''{{show|A|Illusion Rune|Illusion|trait3}}''': {{show|A|Illusion Rune|Illusion|value3}}

'''{{show|A|Illusion Rune|Illusion|trait4}}''': {{show|A|Illusion Rune|Illusion|value4}}

'''{{show|A|Illusion Rune|Illusion|trait5}}''': {{show|A|Illusion Rune|Illusion|value5}}


Illusion Conjures 2 illusions of your hero which deal 35% damage. Melee illusions take 200% damage. Ranged illusions take 300% damage. Illusions last 75 seconds.
Icon Illusion Rune minimap icon.png Number of Illusions: 2

Illusion Damage Dealt: 35%

Illusion Damage Taken (Melee): 200%

Illusion Damage Taken (Ranged): 300%

Duration: 75

  • The illusions always spawn in cardinal directions around the hero, starting on east and going counterclockwise.
  • The hero's and the illusion's locations are not shuffled.
  • The illusions spawn 108 range away from the hero if the hero has a collision size of 24, and 72 if the collision size is 8.
    • Each illusion appears either north, east, south or west from the hero and face the same direction as the hero does.
  • Activating a new Illusion Rune while already having illusions from a previous Illusion Rune does not replace them.
Model Rune of Illusion model.png
Bottle Bottle (Illusion) icon.png
▶️ Activation Sound


  • Does not accommodate values and traits.