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This template is meant to be used in combination with Template:League slot 2 and Template:League end. It is used to display the results of a tournament group stage.


{{League start 2|title=}}
{{League slot 2|p=1  |t= |w= |l= |bc=}}
{{League slot 2|p=2  |t= |w= |l= |bc=}}
{{League slot 2|p=3  |t= |w= |l= |bc=}}
{{League slot 2|p=4  |t= |w= |l= |bc=}}
{{League end}}

These are the variables used in the template:

  • title = The groups title (Group A, Group B, …)
  • p = The placement (1, 2, 3, …).
  • t = The team.
  • w = The number of wins.
  • l = The number of losses.
  • bc = The background color. Usually green: #CFC, yellow: #FFC and red: #FCC.


Group A
1. Newbee Newbee 2 0
2. iG Vitality iG Vitality 1 1
3. Digital Chaos Digital Chaos 1 1
4. WarriorsGaming.Unity WarriorsGaming.Unity 0 2