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  • |captain#= : Type yes if the player is a captain.
  • |pos# : Use this if the player plays two position.
  • |namewidth= : Use this to extend the column of the player's name.
  • Notes: You can add |sub# to all strings and replace |player# with it to add subs player to the template.


|country1= |player1= |name1= |date1= |captain1=
|country2= |player2= |name2= |date2= |captain2=
|country3= |player3= |name3= |date3= |captain3=
|country4= |player4= |name4= |date4= |captain4=
|country5= |player5= |name5= |date5= |captain5=
|country6= |player6= |name6= |date6= |captain6=

Substitute players and coaches can be added as follows:
|countrysub1= |sub1= |namesub1= |datesub1=


|country1=Jordan |player1=MATUMBAMAN |name2=Lasse Urpalainen |date1=2015-08-28
|country2=Finland |player2=Miracle- |name1=Amer Al-Barkawi |date2=2016-09-16
|country3=Bulgaria|player3=MinD_ContRoL |name3=Ivan Borislavov |date3=2015-08-28
|country4=Germany |player4=KuroKy |name4=Kuro Salehi Takhasomi |pos4=4/5 |date4=2015-08-28 |captain4=yes
|country5=Lebanon |player5=GH |name5=Maroun Merhej |pos5=4/5 |date5=2017-01-02

ID Name Position Join Date
Jordan MATUMBAMAN Amer Al-Barkawi 1 2015-08-28
Finland Miracle- Lasse Urpalainen 2 2016-09-16
Bulgaria MinD_ContRoL Ivan Borislavov 3 2015-08-28
Germany KuroKy Captain Kuro Salehi Takhasomi 4/5 2015-08-28
Lebanon GH Maroun Merhej 4/5 2017-01-02