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This template can be used to display an Template:Ability on any page with a single parameter.

Syntax: {{Ability wrapper|hero/unit/item|ability}}

Usage: {{Ability wrapper|Earthshaker|Echo Slam}}


Echo Slam icon.png
No Target
Shockwaves travel through the ground, damaging enemy units. Each enemy hit causes an echo to damage nearby units. Real heroes cause two echoes.
Cast Animation: 0+1.33
Initial Search Radius: 600
Echo Search Radius: 600
Base Damage: 100
Echo Damage: 70/90/110 (Talent 120/140/160)
Cooldown: 150/130/110
Mana: 145/205/265
Partially pierces spell immunity. Spell immune enemies send echo waves towards nearby spell immune enemies. Echoes do not attempt to damage spell immune enemies.
Debuff Echoslam Delay: Undispellable.
Tectonic plates crack, mountains fold, and foes are crushed by the Echo Slam.


  • Echo Slam interrupts Earthshaker's channeling spells upon cast.
  • Each enemy within the initial search radius sends echo waves towards enemies within the echo search radius.
  • The echo waves travel at a speed of 600.
  • The echo search radii are centered around each unit hit by the initial damage.
    • Echo waves are sent out to every enemy unit within the search radius, except to the unit itself.
    • This means the echo waves targets can be up to 1200 range away from Earthshaker upon cast.
    • This also means when only one enemy is within the radius, it takes no damage, since it cannot send echoes to itself.
  • Hit enemy heroes send two echoes to every valid target within the radius, and not only to other heroes.
  • Wards and buildings are completely ignored, meaning they do not release and are not targeted by echoes.
  • Total damage when hitting a certain amount of heroes, with no other units nearby (before reductions):
    • 1 Hero: 100 (Talent 100) total damage to the hero, since echoes do not deal damage to their source.
    • 2 Heroes: 240/280/320 (Talent 340/380/420) damage to each hero, 480/560/640 (Talent 680/760/840) total damage.
    • 3 Heroes: 380/460/540 (Talent 580/660/740) damage to each hero, 1140/1380/1620 (Talent 1740/1980/2220) total damage.
    • 4 Heroes: 520/640/760 (Talent 820/940/1060) damage to each hero, 2080/2560/3040 (Talent 3280/3760/4240) total damage.
    • 5 Heroes: 660/820/980 (Talent 1060/1220/1380) damage to each hero, 3300/4100/4900 (Talent 5300/6100/6900) total damage.
  • The Echoslam Delay debuff placed on enemies is used to [ Info Needed ]. It lasts for 10.5 seconds.
    • Although only the Planetfall cosmetic item makes use of it, the counter is always placed.

Usage: {{Ability wrapper|Dagon|Energy Burst}}


Energy Burst
Emits a powerful burst of magical damage upon a targeted enemy unit. Upgradable.
Cast Range: 600/650/700/750/800
Effect Delay: 0
Damage: 400/500/600/700/800
Cooldown: 35/30/25/20/15
Mana: 120/140/160/180/200
Does not pierce spell immunity. Attempts to damage if debuff was placed before spell immunity.
Debuff Dagon: Undispellable.


  • Places a debuff on the target, which applies the damage upon expiring. The debuff lasts 0 seconds.
    • Due to server tick rates, the debuff effectively lasts 0.033 seconds. A true 0 second duration for modifiers is not possible.
    • This means the damage can be avoided by being invulnerable, hidden or spell immune as the debuff expires.

Providing translations[edit]


{{Ability wrapper|hero/unit/item|ability|layout
| name = 
| description = 
| lore = 

| linkentext = 
| bkbtext = 
| illusiontext = 
| purgetext = 

| trait1 = 
| trait2 = 
| trait3 = 
| trait4 = 
| trait5 = 
| trait6 = 
| trait7 = 
| trait8 = 

| aghanimsupgrade = 

| notes = 

You can override attributes mention above in order to provide translations. If value1-8 have unwanted english text - you can write

 | value1-8 = 40 (Всегда*)

if shows english value - 40 (Indefinite*), but it's wouldn't update with english version.(All other strings in the infobox are handled automatically, depending on the page language.)


{{Ability wrapper|Earthshaker|Echo Slam
| name = 回音猛擊
| description = 衝擊波穿過地面傷害敵方單位。每個受到攻擊的敵人都會引起反射波再傷害附近單位。
| lore = 地殼開裂,山巒層疊,回音猛擊壓碎敵人。

| aghanimsupgrade = 使反射波回彈兩次。
| bkbtext = 無法阻擋初始傷害

| trait1 = 半徑
| trait2 = 回音傷害
| trait3 = 初始傷害
| notes =  
* 與憾地者其他技能不同,此技能是瞬間施法的。
* 初始傷害可以穿透魔法免疫,但額外的回音傷害則無。
* 初始傷害會在憾地者半徑 500 的範圍內造成。
* 在半徑 550 範圍內的每個敵方單位都會製造一次回音,傷害周遭的單位與自己本身。
* 被初始傷害擊殺的小兵仍會製造回音傷害。


Echo Slam icon.png
No Target
Cast Animation: 0+1.33
半徑: 600
回音傷害: 600
初始傷害: 100
Echo Damage: 70/90/110 (Talent 120/140/160)
Cooldown: 150/130/110
Mana: 145/205/265
Aghanim's upgrade: 使反射波回彈兩次。
Partially pierces spell immunity. 無法阻擋初始傷害
Debuff Echoslam Delay: Undispellable.


  • 與憾地者其他技能不同,此技能是瞬間施法的。
  • 初始傷害可以穿透魔法免疫,但額外的回音傷害則無。
  • 初始傷害會在憾地者半徑 500 的範圍內造成。
  • 在半徑 550 範圍內的每個敵方單位都會製造一次回音,傷害周遭的單位與自己本身。
  • 被初始傷害擊殺的小兵仍會製造回音傷害。