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This article is about in-game grouping. For competitive teams, see List of professional teams.

A Team is an in-game function to form designated groups. Unlike parties, teams have a fixed identity and do not disappear when its members log off.



Dota 2 offers support and features for making teams.

  • Team logo (used on in-game banners and base emblem)
  • Team tag/abbreviation
  • Country flag
  • Team URL
  • Sponsors logos


  • Teams can only participate in Ranked matchmaking
  • Teams use a separate Matchmaking Rating
  • Teams with players in low priority will be unable to queue for matchmaking
  • Teams will only be matched against other ranked parties of five
    • The system will prioritize matching against other parties using a team identity
    • If no parties with a team identity is found, it will match against parties of five without team identities


  • Disbanding a team is permanent and cannot be reversed.
  • A disbanded team cannot be recreated with the same name.
  • A team's roster must be empty for it to be disbanded.

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