Taunt: Skip to the Good Stuff!

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Taunt: Skip to the Good Stuff!
Cosmetic icon Taunt Skip to the Good Stuff!.png
Pudge icon.png
Rarity: Mythical
Slot: Taunt

Pudge and his playmates always cut straight to the fun.
Created By
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This taunt is part of the Feast of Abscession Bundle. It has a special animation when Feast of Abscession is equipped.


With arcana
  • Play *Drums and chain-skipping*
  • Play "Ha ha ha ha, who's laughing now?"
  • Play "Ha ha ha ha, let's skip to the good stuff!"
  • Play "Who said I ain't jolly? Ta-dam tee-dee tee-dee ta-dam."
  • Play "How 'bout I do this. Does it help?"
  • Play "How you think I'm so fast?"
  • Play "Ha ha, gotta maintain my figure."
  • Play "Whose house? Pudge house!"
Without arcana
  • Play *Drums and chains*
  • Play So much meat, so little time.
  • Play Something's rotten!
  • Play My choppers are lookin sharp!

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