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Taunt: Bananadancer

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Taunt: Bananadancer
Cosmetic icon Taunt Bananadancer.png
Venomancer icon.png
Rarity: Rare
Slot: Taunt

Ripe with contempt, all shall flee from the "Bananadancer!"
Created By
Valve logo.svg

This taunt was awarded to players who reached level 28 on their Winter 2016 Battle Pass.


Taunt Bananadancer.gif
▶️ *Banana Sounds*

▶️ "Eeh he he he hyah."
▶️ "Hm mya ha ha ha ha ha."
▶️ "Eeh he ha ha ha ha."
▶️ "He he he heah."


  • Bananamancer is an old nickname for Venomancer minimap icon.png Venomancer, inspired by his previous model.
  • If Venomancer moves while performing this taunt, the banana gets left behind.
  • Uses the same model as Banana icon.png Banana.

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