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Effective Cost Analysis is inherently flawed[edit]

I have no what the guy who wrote it is thinking, but his cost analysis is wrong and cost analysis in general are bad. The 2 ways to effectively analyze the price of an item with regards to its attributes are either from the components used to build the item or relative to other items. However, in this case, the guy did not specify. Right now it seems like these numbers are completely arbitrary values. The 16 agility from the Yasha was inherited from the 1450 gold you spent on the Blade of Alacrity and Band of Elvenskin. So that's 1450 for 16 attack speed and 2.28 armor and in the case of agility heroes, 16 base damage. Since the recipe costs 600 gold, you can assume that Yasha "inherits" the rest of the stats from the recipe, so 600 gold for the 15 attack speed and 10% movement speed. My problem with what this guy wrote is that he put the armor cost into play when it's really just a component of agility, something already accounted for. In addition, he somehow manages to figure out that the 15 attack speed you get is effectively 1033 gold when the recipe only costs 600 gold. Should I remove that section or put something slightly more reasonable? (I removed that section)

Anti Mage x 2?[edit]

This can't be right

There's a bug in this entire wiki that makes Anti-Mage appear twice in every template. I haven't been able to figure it out so far. SirWRA (talk) 18:15, 27 October 2013 (UTC)