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Shouldn't any non-cash prizes just say "Hardware" or "Equipment" -Reaverxai 04:18, 17 January 2012 (UTC)

Yeah, something like that. The details will be inside the page itself. Redefining history 06:28, 17 January 2012 (UTC)


Someone, please mention the International 2 in Seattle.

Nothing much confirmed yet. Will add when they at least confirm teams/date. (They haven't even confirmed the name of the tournament yet..) Redefining history 11:43, 28 March 2012 (UTC)


If someone wants to add this to the events: Nearly over but for completness sake.


So someone changed the layout of the page and i can't seem to edit the tournaments... If no one replies here I will revert the change anyway. I wanted to add this: Asus open: bracket prize:

3. Призовой фонд SLTV AmSeries

ONLINE - DOTA 2 5v5 Open (512 команд) - призовой фонд 90 000 рублей 1 место - 40 000 рублей + квота на финал FINAL BATTLE OF THE YEAR* + 5 х Corsair Vengeance K90 2 место - 25 000 рублей + квота на финал FINAL BATTLE OF THE YEAR* + 5 х Corsair Vengeance M90 3 место - 15 000 рублей 4 место - 10 000 рублей


I reckon we should lay the "Past Tournaments" in descending order (newest on top).

Samsung EU[edit]

Samsung EU encounter will have a field of 8 teams [1] Madajs 22:00, 11 August 2012 (UTC)

Double currencies[edit]

Why do we have both $/€ and USD/EUR. Basically, pool of TI 2011 is 1.6 million dollars dollars.

Question on Tournament sorting?[edit]

How do we decide on the time-frame between a tournament being "Finished" under the "Recent" section and being under the "Past Tournaments" section? Sanhard (talk) 11:51, 22 February 2015 (UTC)