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further tips[edit]

-skip vanguard its a bad item for slark. Ring of health becomes rather useless once slark is lvl 6. -shadow blade is a real bad choice. For a hero that has leap to initiate or escape plus invisibility via ultimate. -most often leap is enough to escape, costs less mana and has a lower cooldown than shadow dance. - leap over cliffs or into impassable woods, leap doesn´t destroy trees you pass through, which makes it hard to follow slark. - special mention: he is one of the few heroes who have 1800 night sight, whereas most other heroes have 800 sight range at night. At night, slark ganks easier or escapes much easier with a single leap.

-attacking the tank in a fight like axe is nonsense. slark doesnt steal agility faster from tanks, nor does he kill them faster. the time you spend hitting a tank, you could have spent in hitting some bigger threat. Slark is not Naix.

-vladimirs offering is usually a bad item.

-MOM and Mjollnir are taken for attack speed, you usually won´t have much time to build up your essence bonus, so attackspeed is needed.

-Agreed, skip vanguard. Get a poor man's shield instead. Much cheaper and gives some nice damage and attack speed.


Removing bad tips[edit]

I'm removing these tips:

  • In teamfights, it's ideal to kill the tanks first since they have more HP - you will have more time to steal stats with Essence Shift, giving you an advantage against rival carries easily if you can't beat them outright. Slark is a powerful counter against tanks like Axe, Tidehunter, and Pudge.
  • However, the aforementioned heroes also have powerful spells that target an area around them, Counter Helix, Anchor Smash, and Rot respectively. A Slark should take care when attacking one of these heroes, lest they turn the tides on the Nightcrawler and counter gank him.

because the first one is idiotic, and the second just qualifies it. Their carries are killing your team while you sit stealing Axe's stats. You should use Slark's mobility and nuke damage to take out the glass cannons first.

--NonsensicalAnonEdits 16:29, 28 April 2013 (UTC)

Denying yourself with dark pact[edit]

The notes on Dark Pact says you cant kill yourself with it. However you can actually deny yourself but only if youre under the effect of soul catcher (I do not know if this is intentional)

From what I can tell, you can kill yourself while under any form of damage amp OR the debuff from Ancient Apparition's Ice Blast. Gollum9993 (talk)

which spells break Pounce's Leash[edit]

It would be good to have one of such list, since 'moving more than 100 distance away in less than 0.03 seconds breaks the leash' is not strictly applied in Dota 2.