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I have two questions regarding Quelling Blade together with Kunkka's Tidebringer and together with Lifesteal: 1. I know it doesn't work together with Tidebringer, but does this only affect the cleave or also the damage against the primary target? 2. Can you lifesteal off the bonus damage from Quell? Can someone help me, please?

There is a weird bug, Quelling Blade does not work for Kunkka at all if he doesn't have Tidebringer leveled at least once.
Besides that, Quelling Blade applies its damage on every attack Kunkka does, except on the attack which procs the Tidebringer. The note currently in the article is correct. Again, don't add the weird interaction when not having tidebringer leveled. It's a bug.
as for the lifesteal question: Since the damage now works like every other % damage bonus, it can lifesteal/cleave/crit. You can add lifesteal to the crit/cleave note. Bu3ny (talk) 22:52, 12 August 2015 (UTC)