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Try to ask something, is this below stat correct or not? The Compendium Level to get extra copy of Portfolio of Heroes Triumphant: as per Compendium, should be as below:

Compendium Level Copies

      1 (Purchase)        1 (When STRETCH GOALS 2 ACHIEVED)
      3                   1
      6                   1
     14                   1
     23                   1 (So far this level is last)

For your info, myself Compendium Level was 90, and i only received 5 Portfolio of Heroes Triumphants, which each contained 3 loading screens.

Dota 2 ID: 109891959

Thanks and Regards.

Hi, the same thing happened to me. However, these values are taken right from the compendium, so we can only assume that Valve either wrote or delivered the incorrect number of portfolios. -Hybridshiek (talk) 15:32, 14 May 2014 (UTC)