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This isn't rubick, from the leaked files, one of the Phantom Assassin icon (Blur) display the same silhouette as the icon. phantom_assassin_blur. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Loopbreak (talk) • (contribs) 20:41, 28 September 2011 (CDT)

We should move the page and update the info then. -ChocolateWaffle 20:47, 28 September 2011 (CDT)
Done! -Lancey 21:00, 28 September 2011 (CDT)
Sorry for bothering you guys again, but the page name is supposed to be Phantom Assassin, not Lancer. :x -Loopbreak 21:17, 28 September 2011 (CDT)
Ha-ha-ha, I always thought this picture looked too ghey to be Rubick.--XRdR 23:42, 28 September 2011 (CDT)

items for PA[edit]

There schould not be Butterfly as recommended item, because the evasion from it doesn`t stack with the evasion from Blur.

You can request that Valve change the recommended items at the Dota 2 Dev forums. --Kroocsiogsi 21:10, 29 March 2012 (UTC)

Duration of Phantom Strike[edit]

The duration of Phantom Strike is listed as 3 seconds. In the combat logs I've looked at for replays it appears that the buff lasts longer. What is the source for the 3 second duration? --Decoud 18:36, 9 September 2012 (UTC) -Baloroth 15:51, 10 September 2012 (UTC)

Recomended Items and Tactics[edit]

With my experience, i honestly disagree with the recommended items early set.

Early Game:

  • Boots of speed (500)| Movement speed is crucial to heroes as the wiki already said.
  • Belt of Giant's strength (450) | PA is a very nimble hero, while armor itself do matter. Additional HP is far better, as it increases your regeneration, and your ability to stay in line much more often.
  • Perseverance (1750) | Although already mentioned, this will allow PA to regenerate health much faster
  • Javelin (1500) | As a piece of the Skull Basher, and increases her damage greatly at early game, paired with Morbid Mask and the ability to attack fast, she could sustain herself much longer in fights.
  • Morbid Mask (1000) | At early game, PA most probably do have high damage, paired with his 4th-skill, and along with the increased attack speed provided by phantom strike, it will allow her to gain HP with every damage, allowing her to sustain herself without going back and forth.


It is imperative that the player mastered last hitting, as it is crucial for PA to gain gold then items. It is advisable to max out Stifling dagger and Phantom Strike the second. And even when battling creeps, it is advisable to use Stifling dagger to gain kills from a distance. While making the transition to CORE, it is imperative to complete Skull Basher first, for her to gain the ability to disable opponents while they are still weak because of lack of level or proper armaments.


  • Skull Basher (2950) | This item must be top priority, as it allows PA to gain the ability to briefly disable opponents upon attack. Paired with Phantom Strike, it will most likely disable any opponent not immune to stun. It is also imperative for PA to gain abyssal blade, to make use of the ability overwhelm, so while the unit is disabled at your specified moment, you may use it to escape.
  • Helm of the Dominator (1850) | Giving additional damage, and lifesteal, she can sustain herself and stay on a line for much longer.
  • Battle Fury (4350) | This allows creep killing much easier, allowing you to gain gold in much faster time. As well as the additonal attack damage, this will also give additional regeneration on both Mana and Life, allowing you to sustain yourself in a lane.
  • Power Treads (Strength) (1450) | This item can be taken first, and it is imperative that this is set on Strength, as it increases PA's HP, during the early parts of a game.


Though Skull Basher is top priority, it is still advisable to proceed to Power Treads first, as it increases the Life of PA, allowing her to sustain harassments longer with the additional HP.

  • Battle Fury is guaranteed to be hard to get and it is also very expensive, creeps will lose their usefulness in leeching life the moment you have gained this, and should be taken last.

Late Game:

  • Abyssal Blade (6750) | As mentioned above, the Overwhelm ability allows you to choose your moments or extend disabilities, for you to further attack, or escape.
  • Satanic 6(150) | With massive bonus strenth translating to bonus HP, and the massive Lifesteal, this will allow you to further sustain yourself within lanes or hero attacks.
  • Battle Fury | Ditto
  • Power Treads | Ditto
  • Manta Style (5050) | While also giving movement speed, this will allow you to create illusions, whether to escape under circumstances of Ganking, or making a gank yourself.
  • Butterfly (6000) | This will give PA a powerful edge, increasing her agility by 30, and with the bonus damage 30, gives her a total bonus damage of 60. While the bonus attack speed is 30%, and the agility will also give her bonus attack speed of 60%. The bonus evasion will boost PA's evasion by 70%, allowing enemies to miss most of their attacks.

The6thMessenger 08:43, 26 April 2013 (UTC)

Last hitting with PA?[edit]

...but she farms creeps with much more ease than many of her fellow carries, using her Stifling Dagger for last hitting. Besides eliminating the weakness most melee Heroes have in their farming, it also saves her from expending gold on important melee carry items like Quelling Blade.

In my opinion, this portion of the article is dangerously subjective. In low skilled pubs it is a decent option to use Dagger/Quelling Blade on all other carries to last hit, if you're not so good at it. Even players with more experience might have to use either sometimes, when facing tough lanes, for example. However, without context, it seems to me that it's being said that's the proper way to last hit with her all the time, which is a matter of personal opinion.

It's like stating at the start of Furion's page that he can farm easily because he uses teleport to cliff jungle - he certainly can, doesn't mean it's the way to do it.

Even more now Quelling Blade is part of the Battle Fury recipe its quite common to buy on PA, I vouch for removal of that part -Elunedra 2 November 2015


I've noticed that PA, Huskar, Silencer and Abaddon's helmet, and Skeleton King's skull all kinda look like Nyx's head, mainly the lower jaw.

What's the formula for calculating Blur?[edit]

I don't get it why it is "Blur increases Phantom Assassin's survivability against physical attacks by 25%/43%/67%/100%". What's the formula? The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) • (contribs) • Please sign your posts with ~~~~

The formula is described in evasion page. For example, for 75% evasion every 3 of 4 hits misses making it 300% better. Same for 50% (2 of 4 and 100%). Of course if we ignore True Strike and PRD.
ehp = ((100/ (100 - [miss chane]) ) - 1)*100 (%) The preceding unsigned comment was added by Endisclose (talk) • (contribs) 9 January 2017 • Please sign your posts with ~~~~