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The abilities of a Hybrid do NOT follow the same rules as Rubick's Spell Steal, e.g. Batrider's Firefly provides flying vision and does not trigger Techies' Land Mines. Psion1C (talk) 11:01, 30 September 2015 (UTC)

The spell steal interaction doesn't only list rules of spells steal, it just lists how spells work on Rubick. The "rules" are hardcoded into Spell Steal (for example, Spirit Bear disappearing once the spell is lost is a rule of the spell). The spell steal interaction article also lists thing which are actually bugs. Rubick is supposed to not trigger land mines either and also gain flying vision. But don't bother with that now. A "known bugs" section is planned already. Bu3ny (talk) 11:41, 30 September 2015 (UTC)

Alright. Psion1C (talk) 11:59, 30 September 2015 (UTC)

Morph Notes[edit]

The two Morph abilities have mostly redundant information. Merging the Notes into a single list would improve readability.

Because the amount of shiftable points is based exclusively on what level morphling is, it makes sense to put this total available amount at key levels, similar to the Skywrath Mage Q scaling trivia. Even more relevant because this stat isn't enhanced by items. Would it be simple enough to use a formula like (Basestr + lvl*strgain) rounded down to a whole number, plus the same for agi?

What's the deal with a complete morph sometimes stopping at 0, sometimes at 1? Is it the GUI and Morph disagreeing on when the decimal part of stat gain becomes a whole point? Prezombie (talk) 03:11, 21 June 2017 (UTC)

Draft for merged notes:[edit]

Draft for merged notes below. Prezombie (talk) 03:11, 21 June 2017 (UTC)

* Morph (Agility Gain) and Morph (Strength Gain) are linked abilities; levelling up one will automatically level up the other.

* The toggling of either Morph ability is not registered as a spell cast and thus does not proc any [[on-cast effects]].

* Morph will convert 2/4/8/16 attribute points per second.
** Morphing either way costs 15/7.5/3.75/1.875 [[mana]] per shift, resulting in a fixed 30 mana per second.

* Morph does not interrupt Morphling's [[channeling]] spells upon toggling.

* Morph continues to function even if Morphling is [[disable|disabled]].
** Can be toggled on and off while [[stun|stunned]], [[cyclone|cycloned]], [[Sleep|slept]], [[taunt|taunted]], [[hidden]], or during [[Forced Movement]].
** Cannot be toggled on or off while [[silence|silenced]], [[hex|hexed]] or [[Cannot Act|prevented from acting]].
** Toggling one Morph ability on automatically toggles the other off.
** If Morph cannot convert any attribute points due to lack of mana or free attribute points, the process will pause until it can continue, but will stay toggled.

* Morph cannot be shift-queued, and unlike any other toggle spell in the game, can be toggled during the cast time of other spells.

* Rather than keeping the current HP percentage fixed, Morph increases or decreases current health by 20 for each point of strength gained or lost.
** Morph (Strength Gain) increases Morphling's current and maximum HP by 40/80/160/320 per second, while Morph (Agility Gain) reduces them by equivalent amounts.
** Morph HP reduction is never lethal.

* Can only convert Morphling's base attributes. Bonus attribute points from Items, Talents, and Abilities cannot be converted.
** The current state of Morphling's attributes persists through death.

* This is how many attribute points can be freely morphed at certain levels, how long it takes to fully morph, and the mana cost to do so:
** '''Level 1''' 41 points, takes x/x/x/x seconds and x/x/x/x mana.
** and so on. '''Level n''' is approximately 35+6n points, takes x/x/x/x seconds and x/x/x/x mana.
**''Insert here details on how (and if possible why) minimum stat is sometimes 0. sometimes 1.''


* The passive agility bonus effectively increases Morphling's [[attack damage]] and [[attack speed]] by {{#show:Morphling#Morph (Agility Gain)|?value3#}} as well as increase [[armor]] by {{calc|v1*{{Attribute bonuses|bonus armor}} round2|v1={{#show:Morphling#Morph (Agility Gain)|?value3#}}}} 

* The passive strength bonus effectively increases Morphling's [[health]] by {{calc|v1*{{Attribute bonuses|bonus health}}|v1={{#show:Morphling#Morph (Strength Gain)|?value3#}}}} and [[health regeneration]] by {{calc|v1*{{Attribute bonuses|bonus health regeneration flat}}|v1={{#show:Morphling#Morph (Strength Gain)|?value3#}}}}.
Merged the notes. I left out the minimum stats stuff because it is bugged, and I'd like to not add them to the notes. And the max possible morph amount and timings stuff should go to strategy instead. I only add stuff like that to notes if there is enough room for them, and Morph notes are full. Also, make sure you stick to the general style used on the wiki. There is a certain order in the notes, and don't use will future. ~~ Bu3ny (talk) 21:12, 21 June 2017 (UTC)

Morph limits[edit]

A quick and dirty list of Str-agi for max morph at each level, as of 7.06d.

1-42, 42-1/ 0-49, 48-1/ 1-54, 55-0/ 1-60, 61-0/ 0-67, 66-1

0-72, 72-0/ 1-78, 79-0/ 0-85, 84-1/ 0-91, 90-1/ 1-96, 97-0

0-103, 102-1/ 0-109, 108-1/ 1-114, 115-0/ 1-120, 121-0/ 0-127, 126-1/

1-132, 133-0/ 1-138, 139-0/ 0-145, 144-1/ 0-151, 150-1/ 1-156, 157-0/

0-163 162-1/ 0-169 168-1/ 1-174 175-0/ 1-180 181-0/ 0-187 186-1

Curiously, every level but 1 and 6 have one stat with a minimum of 1, with the other's minimum at 0. The number of shiftable points rises by six points every level, except 1->2 gains 7, and 5->6 gains 5. Prezombie (talk) 03:11, 21 June 2017 (UTC)