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Talk:Matchmaking Rating

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The text says "Player Performance, Gold Difference and various hidden variables" are used in MATCHMAKING. According to Valve's blog post this is not true. It says nothing about individual performance, and gold difference is only used to study match quality (related to queue times etc.) If you read the post carefully, you'll see that only MMR and experience are taken to account when searching a game. Right?

From the post:
  • "Win/loss is the primary criteria used to update MMR, but individual performance also plays a role, especially when our uncertainty about your MMR is high. It is possible for an individual MMR to increase after a loss or decrease after a win...."
Now I've never seen this happen, but I'm just repeating what it says. My understanding is that matchmaking is determined by match quality, at least in terms of not waiting too long for a "good" match. If the system attempts to find, or settles for matches of a certain quality, and said quality is determined by gold difference, then gold difference affects matchmaking by proxy. For example, you would be less likely to be matched against opponents that the system predicts would end with a big gold disparity. It also says this is only one metric amongst undisclosed others. - Lemoncake(talk) 18:06, 11 August 2014 (UTC)

game modes, low priority, coop bot matches[edit]

does anyone know if all game modes affect your MMR, for example if ability draft and 1v1 mid matches affect your unranked MMR? What about low priority matches and unranked MMR? What about coop bot matches?

unranked questions[edit]

Just like the post above: Do low priority matches update the player's unranked MMR? What about ability draft or 1v1 mid?