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In Elder Titan's Splash artwork?[edit]

If you look at the lower right corner of Elder Titan's Splash artwork you will see a figure that really resemble the current design of Legion Commander. Trivia?


The reason for sex change is currently there are no female strength heroes.

Starting Items[edit]

The attack speed items don't make any sense to me. Her passive proc is based on getting hit, not on her hits to others. Going for high damage and letting her proc add to hit speeds makes a lot more sense to me. I'm wondering if there was a late design change or something and the items didn't get updated.

On dueling and lassos[edit]

An opponent can be lassoed away from the duel. Tresdin will follow and continue attacking as normal otherwise. Unsure what happens when Tresdin is lassoed, its probably similar just reversed. Might be worth adding this information once its confirmed.

Voice Line Trivia[edit]

Rare Line[edit]

She has the rare line "War. War always changes." This is a referenve to the Fallout game(s) intro which starts with: "War. War never changes." Source:

Titanfall Reference[edit]

Legion Commander's response, "Even titans fall", which plays after killing Elder Titan, appears to directly reference the title of "Titanfall", a 2014 video game by Respawn Entertainment which also runs on a heavily modified version of Valve Corporation's Source Engine.

Could equally be a reference to attack on titan, especially since the hero was released (12/12/2013) before Titanfall was released (11/03/2014) 21:13, 9 March 2016 (UTC)

Legion commander dead in "Are We Heroes Yet?" comic[edit]

It looks like the remains of Legion Commander are in the roshan pit in the comic on page 27

I don't think that is LC. --ERmachdp (talk) 19:22, 17 February 2014 (UTC)

Legion Commander's hero portrait too small res[edit]

Her icon in here right now is blurry in the hero infobox because it has the wrong resolutions. Could someone update it?

On hit effects?[edit]

Hello. What does on hit effects mean in the statement below? The instant attack can proc any on-hit effect like a regular attack

Is it like reactive armor and axe spin? if yes, can someone (if you are sure) add that to the explanation? or it least if there is page explaining this, maybe link it? Thanks

hidden duel wins[edit]

I can't test it right now, but i noticed that when a hero wins a duel while affected by Astral Imprisonment, no bonus damage is granted. I guess the same goes for other hiding spells. Someone should verify it and add to the article if true.The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) • (contribs) 6 September 2017 • Please sign your posts with ~~~~