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If this keeps up I'll have to enact a policy of blocking users that take information from another site indiscriminately. All information on this page must be rewritten. -Lancey 15:22, 19 October 2011 (CDT)

I would categorize a jungling Wraith King as a summoner hero and not as a lifesteal hero. I know he is both but if WK take mortal strike as first skill he is a much more effective jungler than when he takes vampiric aura as first skill. With mortal strike as first skill WK can jungle without having to buy any health regen items at start. After killing 4 creeps he can let 2 skeletons tank dmg for him, and by then he is lvl 2 and can take 1 lvl of vampiric aura to regain his HP. After that you never skill vampiric aura, you max mortal strike, so later on you and your skeleton army are going jungle more than 1 camp at a time. When you take vampiric aura as first skill you also have to buy health regen because at lvl 1 you do not much dmg and thus get to little lifesteal to stay alive vs the creeps without tangos/salve. So in my opinion WK jungling qualities are based on his skeletons rather than his lifesteal ability and therefor he is more a summoner hero.

" while other Heroes should generally start with Small Camps" IMO any hero that has to start with the small camp is not a (effective) jungle hero. Every good jungle hero starts with 1 medium camp and then moves to the hard camps. If The hero can't do that he is not suited to jungle because starting with the small camp and/or doing more than 1 medium camp before going to the hard camps is simply too slow compared to laning and will get you far behind in terms of gold and experience.