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Transformation - Sven and Medusa[edit]

I removed Sven's God's Strength and Medusa's Split Shot from the list of abilities that have invulnerability frames. Sven apparently still disjoint in WC3 DotA but not in Dota 2. Medusa was changed both in DotA and Dota 2. I'm still conflicted about Alchemist and Lone Druid's transformations. They both disjoint projectiles at the beginning of the animation, but they are not invulnerable while transforming. Maybe they were in DotA, but they are not in Dota 2 as I've concluded after extensive testing in a lobby. I think adding an article on disjointing would be best. The page on invisibility has a good list of what's dodgeable through invisibility but includes target seeking skills as well. Mirana for instance disjoints when she leaps, but she does not have a true blink, does not dodge through invisibility and does not have (in Dota 2) invulnerability frames; but some projectiles are still disjointed. Where do we list this behavior?

As a reference, to test if a skill disjoint (e.g. Alchemist's Chemical Rage): Enable -wtf in a lobby, get Force Staff, stand in range of a tower, force yourself half the map away, use ability/item. If it disjoints the tower projectile will not do damage as it travels to your hero. Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgLe615qX6I

To test if a skill has invulnerability frames (e.g. Illusion Mirror Image): Try to dodge a non-dodgeable stun such as (as of 6.80) Alchemist's Unstable Concoction. --Artorp (talk) 20:46, 29 January 2014 (UTC)