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The most underrated hero mainly because the people who played him are noobs. In the hands of a pro, Juggernaut is the best kiter ,decent tank, and a high damage damage dealer.

Juggernaut Stratagy

Blade Fury - Most people don't know how to read but in the WraithKnight event, your damage is added to Blade Fury, you get an evasion bonus depending on how many points you put into the ability, and you are magic immune for 5 seconds. Sadly, life leech will not work during blade fury. Max this skill out.

Healing Ward - Don't bother getting. Ultra useless. Put excess skill points into stats.

Blade Dance - Very useful. Saves you money from buying Daedalus. Should max out but Blade Fury and Omnislash should have preference.

Omnislash - Godly useful. Again, most noobs don't know how to read. During the WraithKing event, your damage is added to Omnislash. This is the best crowd control ability in the game, a good Juggernaut can easily clear all the spiderlings in the Spider stage and allowing your team to beat up the spider boss. This ability also allows you to get out of tight spots and travel through walls and trees. Stacks with life leech meaning that you can easily get a full hp bar back after each use. You can even 1-hit Omnislash Snow Satyr's in wave 12. Short cooldown and gets better per skill level.


Wave 1: Kobolds, Kobolds Everywhere!

  • Purchase boots of speed and nothing else.
  • Most noobs will attack the Kobolds like the noobs they are but if you haven't noticed, the tower can easily kill the Kobolds itself. All you do is let the tower kill the Kobolds and pick up items.
  • The tower is also capable of taking down a pack of Gnoll's. In the event where there are too many mobs, just walk in and blade fury everything. Note that blade fury has a evasion bonus during the ability duration to help you survive a bit against the crowd.
  • In the event where your team is overrun, kite mobs around and draw mobs off towers by hitting a mob so the group of mobs will draw their attention to you. Do not bother resurrecting teammates. Use hit-and-run tactics with blade fury. Be sure to look ahead for any Gnoll's because of their ranged attacks will kill you if you are on low health and you don't have blade fury ready.
  • A good Juggernaut can kill as much, if not more, than a Windrunner/Drow Ranger/ or any other dps on this stage.

Wave 2: Left 5 Dead

  • Upgrade boots of speed to Arcane boots; You will need the mana pool, the mp restore is a plus. Do not upgrade Arcane boots to tier 2!
  • Start buying things for Vladmir's Offering. You could go for other lifeleech items but Vladmir's gives you a 15% damage bonus which allows for higher dps.
  • Again, the tower is totally capable of taking out Zombies and Volatile Zombies by itself. Just run in and pick up items. Use blade fury and walk in to get items if there are too many mobs.
  • Note that Volatile Zombies, the green ones, explode but if you are under the effect of blade fury, you are immune to the explosion but not the poison on the ground which does damage over time if you stand on the green puddle.
  • Use hit-and-run tactics with Blade fury. Your level 1 blade fury will require the entire duration to take down a group of zombies but you should be able to get level 2 blade fury, provided you didn't die, which will allow you to easily crowd control everything in this stage.

Wave 3: The Ugly Stick

  • Continue working on Vladmir's Offering. You will want some form of life leech to help with your survivability.
  • Again, conserve your hp/mp by letting the tower kill the waves and only pick up item/gold drops. Kiting mobs around the tower will allow you to keep the tower alive longer.
  • Use hit-and-run tactics with blade fury.
  • You should be level 6 which allows you to get omnislash. Only use omnislash to kill or damage large crowds of Ogres. Note that omnislash hits all mobs in a line with a width of about two towers and the distance varies on the skill level. This omnislash is specific only to the WraithKnight event.
  • Use arcane boots to restore mana when possible. Don't worry about restoring other people's mana.
  • Your blade fury will make you immune to the Ogre Commander's Smash attack since it is magical damage.

Wave 4: Smashed to Slithereens

  • Finish up Vladmir's Offering and start working on your first Divine Rapier by buying a Demon's Edge when possible. Do not buy anything else.
  • When the waves come, you will want to run in and blade fury the Shadeshore Pouncers and the Slarbasher.
  • You don't want to be around another ally hero because if the Slarbasher detects the presence of another hero, it will bash and you will most likely get stunned. What I like to do is move somewhere else and leave your ally to die for being a noob. Don't worry, you can easily carry this stage with practice.
  • Use hit-and-run tactics with blade fury and omnislash. Remember that omnislash hits all mobs in a line and your blade fury has an evasion bonus. Blade fury might seem suicidal at first, but it is a godly good evasion tank ability.
  • Avoid the presence of other ally heros.

Wave 5: They Speak for the Trees

  • Keep working on your first divine rapier.
  • Repeat hit-and-run tactics.
  • Tank Aged Treant only under the effect of blade fury.

Wave 6: I Lost Count

  • Keep working on your first divine rapier.
  • Do not try to tank. Run away if you draw hate.
  • Don't use skills on the boss. Save them for the spiders.
  • In the event where you are over run with spiders. Group them up and omnislash then blade fury. Your omnislash will not be able to kill the bigger spiders which is why you are following up with a blade fury.
  • Don't bother with eggs.

Wave 7: Burn Notice

  • Keep working on your first divine rapier. You should be able to purchase divine rapier in the middle of this round which greatly helps the level.
  • You will want to engage the enemies by running around, waiting for the mobs to use their magical ablilities such as flame breath and mini-split earth, and then hit the mobs normal attacks. I like to go for the Shrack's first.
  • Avoid the fire at all cost. It is very very powerful and almost instant death.
  • Use blade fury to hit the larger groups. Note that blade fury is immune to magic attacks of this level.
  • You should be able to purchase your divine rapier, which allows you to easily kill flame ancients in two-three normal attacks. Although flame ancients hit pretty hard, your life leech from Valdimir's Offer will solve HP problems.

Wave 8: Compound Interest

  • Start working on your second divine rapier. Don't purchase anything else.
  • You will want to follow the group around killing the golems.
  • You don't want to tank. What you want to do is kill a big golem, draw back, hit again, repeat. What this does is that it lets other players draw hate off you wile allowing you to kill the small golems in a single attack.
  • You can serve as a temporary tank with blade fury. The evasion bonus from blade fury will allow you to tank for 5 seconds although you will want to start running away about 3 seconds into the blade fury.
  • Omnislash is godly useful in the event where your team is overrun. Omnislash will kill all the small golems and save your team from defeat.

Wave 9: Bear Force One

  • Keep working on your second divine rapier.
  • You can easily handle the large and small bears with blade fury.
  • You can easily handle 1-3 large and small bears with normal attacks.
  • Do not try to tank the bears with hp bars without blade fury. They will 3-6 hit you.
  • You cane easily tank all bears if you are under the effect of blade fury.
  • In the event that you are starting to get overrun; Omnislash! You will be amazed at how much damage you've done.

Wave 10: Chin' Choppa Chin' Choppa!

  • You should be able to buy your second divine rapier by this time. Start working on your third.
  • Stay together with your team.
  • You don't want to be caught by the hook. But in the event that you do, blade fury.
  • You can blood tank a single pudge because with your two divine rapiers, you are leeching back more hp than they can do to you. The only exception is their Dismember skill which could kill you if you take the entire length of the attack.
  • Always keep blade fury in reserve in case you get hit by a hookshot.
  • Use Omnislash to catch up or to hit both the pudges.

Wave 11: Danger Zone

  • Keep working on your second divine rapier if you don't have it yet, if you have your second one, start working on your third.
  • Just kill the tinkers that are attacking the WrithKing. They are easily prey since you have 600+ damage and even more damage from your criticals.
  • Do not use blade fury to take down a group of tinkers, I find it is less effective than your normal attacks for this stage.
  • Omnislash large groups of tinkers. Your omnislash should do a pretty good chunk of damage and buy you time.
  • Use blade fury to avoid the damage and stun from the homing missles. You can survive 1-2 missiles but not three.
  • Be opportunistic and kill the Disassembler's when they fly by but don't chase them.

Wave 12: Stay Frosty!

  • Purchase your second divine rapier if you don't have it yet, start working on your third.
  • A single omnislash can take down the Snow Satyr's that accompany the Frost Lich.
  • Avoid grouping with other ally heros because the Frost Lich will use his Chain Frost and do massive amount of damage to the people caught in the attack.
  • In the event where the Chain Frost uses Chain Frost, use blade fury to negate the magic spell and kill mobs.
  • Be aware of ice blast from Ice Apparitions. You will have a good 1-3 seconds to move out of the damage area.

Wave 13: Reborn

  • Purchase your third divine rapier. In the event where you don't have enough money, dissassemble your arcane boots, sell the mana booster, and pick your boots of speed back up.
  • With three divine rapiers you can easily blood tank the WraithKing.
  • Be aware of his Wraith blast, the animation looks like he's lifting up his hand. Avoid by moving away from the direction the WraithKing is facing.
  • Be aware of his Wraithfire Eruption, you will see a green circle around the WraithKing. All you have to do is use your blade fury to negate the magical damage. Note that the WraithKing will use this skill every 25 secondish but your blade fury cooldown is capable of keeping up.
  • Kill the summons. They also provide hp in the event that you are low on hp and don't want to risk being hit by the WraithKing.
  • When the WraithKing summons a gravestone, immediately try to take it down. You can optimize yourself by omnislashing yourself to the grave while damaging or killing the ghost that are summoned.

Last words, Juggernaut is like the Jack-of-all-trades. It can match the damage output, if not exceed, of Drow Ranger and Wind Ranger. Both Drow Ranger and Wind Ranger can get get 3 divine rapiers but that would mean no Daedalus and no Daedalus means no crits. Drow Ranger with 3 divine rapier has a slow attack speed but high dps. What I don't like about Wind Ranger is the damage reduction penalty from focus fire. Tankwise, Juggernaut is fully capable of serving as the main tank on the WraithKing level. Throughout the entire event, Juggernaut is capable of crowd controlling and doing massive damage at the same time. There are other crowd control abilities but they only buy you a small amount of time.

Windranger Strategy

Shackleshot - Useful in limited situations. You can handle the game without this ability.

Powershot - Useful in limited situations but at least more useful than shackleshot. I would put 1 skill point in this ability to handle early stages.

Windrun - This skill negales all physical damage, slows enemies, and doubles your movement speed. Use this skill to pick up items/gold, escape, and tank mobs/bosses. This skill in combination with focus fire is a godly combo.

Focus fire - Attacks really fast but you suffer a damage penalty. Boss killing skill.

Drow Ranger Strategy

Frost Arrows - Do not get.

Multishot - Put one skill point in this ability. Very helpful in splitting golem stage.

Precision Aura - Helpfulish, but this doesn't contribute much actually. This aura only affects your base damage and since the damage from divine rapiers are not from your base damage it doesn't work on +damage items. Still, you should max this skill because you will have other ranged heros on your team.

Marksmanship - Should max this skill out. What I like to do is get 2-3 divine rapiers which means I have no agility items = slow attack speed. Note that this ability requires you to be not near a enemy. Most Drow Rangers don't know how to read and tank mobs like a noob.