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Notes on pup animations[edit]

1. Needs event trigger information.
2. Does pup skin affect which animations are performed? ("New behaviors")
3. Does bone affect which animations are performed? (Only six common animations have altered mouth position for the bone though)


The following animations have two variants, one with the bone in its mouth and one without:


The following animations are associated with bone001.mdl:

  • ACT_DOTA_ITEM_PICKUP - Digs and picks up bone
  • ACT_DOTA_ITEM_DROP - Drops bone

Eating animations:

  • ACT_DOTA_PET_EAT - Eats from the floor, looks up
  • ACT_DOTA_PET_EAT - Eats from the floor, looks up and licks mouth

Extra idle animation:

  • ACT_DOTA_IDLE - Sits there and looks at the floor. May have something to do with eating animations. Third idle animation. The two above are identical except mouth position for bone

Capture Animations:

  • ACT_DOTA_CAPTURE - Sits there
  • ACT_DOTA_CAPTURE_PET - Perches on front legs, licks
  • ACT_DOTA_CAPTURE_PET - Perches on front legs, looks right, barks, then runs off

Other animations:

  • ACT_DOTA_SPAWN - Wakes from sleeping
  • ACT_DOTA_SPAWN - Chases tail
  • ACT_DOTA_CAST_ABILITY_4 - Howls when CM casts Freezing Field
  • ACT_DOTA_TAUNT - Barks, trigger unknown
  • ACT_DOTA_FLEE - Jumps up in surprise
  • ACT_DOTA_WAIT_IDLE - Tilts head left and right
  • ACT_DOTA_WAIT_IDLE - Scratches head
  • ACT_DOTA_WAIT_IDLE - Looks left, shakes head
  • ACT_DOTA_TELEPORT_COOP_EXIT - Teleport start
  • ACT_DOTA_DEFEAT - Cowers
  • ACT_DOTA_VICTORY - Spins and barks
  • ACT_DOTA_GREET - Spins and barks (identical to ACT_DOTA_VICTORY)
  • ACT_DOTA_PET_LEVEL - Does a little dance in place, then jumps twice
  • ACT_DOTA_PET_WARD_OBSERVER - Stands on hind legs, looks left and right
  • ACT_DOTA_PET_WARD_SENTRY - Crouches, looks left and right

- Lemoncake(talk) 14:35, 6 March 2015 (UTC)

Using the order in the model editor:
  • trot: default walking animation
  • run: Alternative walking animation, used when distance between CM and the dog exceeds a certain distance (approximately 400 distance). Appears to be periodically used when CM's speed is 375 or higher.
  • doggypaddle: Move animation in the river
  • bone_trot/run: I guess unused
  • loadout_spawn: spawn animation within the loadout
  • loadout_idle: idle animation within the loadout
  • spawn: Used whenever the dog re-appears after it disappeared
  • greet: I guess this was meant to play rarely when an ally got near, but appears to be unused
  • idle: Default idle animation
  • doggypaddle_idle: Default idle animation in the river
  • idle_alt_shacke: Plays shortly after exiting the river
  • idle_alt_howl: rare aggressive idle animation, may play when an enemy is nearby
  • idle_alt_howl: idle anim during Freezing Field
  • flee: plays whenever the dog has to disappear (enemy too near, or upon starting teleport)
  • sit_idle: Appears to be unused
  • sit_idle_alt_headtilt/scratch/alert/yawn: Rare alt animations of the above, so unused too
  • teleport_end/start: Their purpose is obvious, but they are unused The dog uses default spawn/despawn animations instead
  • bone_dig/idle/doggypaddle/doggypaddle_idle/shake/drop: No idea, I guess unused
  • eat/eat_alt1: Again, no idea, I guess unused
  • capture_idle/lick/panting: Capture is synonymous to portrait, so these are irrelevant since the dog can't be selected.
  • defeat/victory: Obvious purpose, but don't seem to work currently
  • ward_observer/sentry: Probably were meant to play upon placing wards, but appear unused
  • levelup: Probably meant to play upon gaining a level, but appear unused
  • loadout_idle_post_game: Used in the stats screen after exiting the match
I don't think the different skins affect animations. ~~ Bu3ny (talk) 18:10, 28 January 2018 (UTC)
Wew, not sure if I'll get around to doing this, but thanks Emoticon pup.gif - Lemoncake(talk) 18:30, 28 January 2018 (UTC)