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Common Earth Spirit Combinations[edit]

(1) Stone remnant -> Geomagnetic Grip.

Bread and butter last hitting and lane harass. Make sure to drop the stone in a line starting from behind the enemy in lane and going through the creeps you are last hitting.

NOTE: slightly less useful after 6.82 and the damage nerf. Still can be used to last hit, but less effective.

(3) Stone Remnant -> Rolling Boulder -> Boulder Smash (enemy target).

Use this combination to re-position the enemy. Good in the laning phase to push an enemy back under your tower for an easy kill or during the rest of the game to initiate by pushing an enemy out of position and into your team (think of it almost like a vengeful spirit swap).

(2) Stone Remnant -> Boulder Smash (stone target) -> Geomagnetic Grip (stone target) -> Rolling Boulder (to enemy).

The enemy will be stunned, then silenced, then roll straight onto the enemy and can Magnetize if necessary. This combination is the trickiest to pull off successfully, but inflicts maximum damage with the efficiency of using just one stone.

(4) Geomagnetic Grip (friendly target) -> step forward, then turn around -> Boulder Smash (friendly target).

This will pull a friendly target to you and then rapidly push the friendly target away from the spot you pulled it to. If you line the push up on the same line as the pull it's like having a double force staff. Very useful for saving allies about to die.


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